Michael Jackson's Kids: Safe From Crazy Joe

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Fans worried about Michael Jackson's kids after watching Katherine Jackson on Oprah need not worry. They will not suffer the child abuse their father did.

Katherine, Michael's mother and now the legal guardian of his children Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket, does not believe in physical discipline. Period.

Vintage MJ

Joe Jackson beat Michael and basically said he'd do it again, but Katherine corrects Paris, Prince and Blanket by talking to them. What a wild concept.

Prince, Paris and Blanket at the memorial service for Michael Jackson. The King of Pop was peerless musically, but felt his children were his greatest legacy.

Moreover, Katherine will not let Joe be involved in any disciplinary situations when it comes to the youngsters, so he won't lay a hand on MJ's kids.

Joe admitted to Oprah he whipped Michael with a strap, which he justified by saying that none of the couple's nine children had ever been to jail.

This wasn't exactly news, since his abusive past is common knowledge, but the bluntness and lack of regret was unsettling to many Michael fans.

In any case, it turns out discipline is not a high priority at the Jackson compound ... because Michael's kids are incredibly well-behaved anyway.


and if michaels mother can't care for the children i hope his oldest sister will take care of them if they are still under age to take care of themseleves for them to stay with a jackson no one else it wouldn't be right if they couldn't any one eles outside of a jackson would for sure be only after there money what there dad michael left for them to have


i hope that michaels kids will be safe as long as they stay with there grandma they will be


MJ's kids have became the kids of the world. The world felt their pain being orphaned at a young age, losing the only parent they ever knew. If there's anybody that would ever lay their hands to their kids, it's gonna be that person against the world. Take note of that Joe Jackson! You already hurt Michael, there's no way you can ever hurt these kids. Besides, these kids are obviously well mannered and well behaved. Prince and Paris are so dignified and mature way beyond their age.


i know that if michael heard that his father is beating his children he would roll in is grave as well i mean those kids are thaught of love by michael, not abuse. even if he hits them, i will kill him because he has already beat michael and he should now stay away from his kids. he is a monster!!!


If the grandmother saw anything "abusive" I do believe she would've stopped it years ago. Joe Jackson may or may have not been TOO strict but it's obvious all the Jackson kids have had enough love given them by the grandma. I do believe in NOT sparing the rod. Would I use a belt on a regular basis. NO because the "rod" isn't meant to be used every day. Anyway, I think the kids are in good hands with Katherine.


This is so stupid, when is the last time joe beat a hcild, all his kids are GROWN MIDDLE AGED ADULTS, people love to work themselves up, michael had his kids around joe and they are well behaved not whippings are necessary anyways GEEZ slow news day.


For all the tabloid ragmags that sold in volumes diagnosing Michael as every name in the book except who he really was,his children by all indications turned out to be very well-adjusted,well-mannered and very appreciative of their father as they knew him to be.A lot of us saw Michael as the ultimate,superstar performer,his children saw the personal side of him that they will always remember and cherish as their father.No matter what we thought of MJ,his own children's memory of him is what matters more.To the very end and even now,Michael's children loved Michael Jackson.

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