Michael Jackson Producer, Record Execs Insist: "Breaking News" is the Real Deal!

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Michael Jackson's new song hit the Internet this week, and his longtime producer, Teddy Riley, is far from pleased with fans and family insisting it's a fake.

Riley, who produced Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible, defends "Breaking News," the lead single off Michael, his first posthumous album due out Dec. 14.

"My heart cried hearing Michael again. The vocals sounded very polished, very on key and processed," he said. "I have no doubt these are Michael's vocals."

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Jackson's former manager, Frank DiLeo, says he spoke to Michael during the recordings sessions in 2007 (featured on the album) and that MJ loved them.

Sony-owned Epic Records, at the behest of Jackson's estate, even hired forensic music experts to establish the vocals were real. They got the green light.

Still, Michael's mother Katherine Jackson, his children and his nephews Taj, Taryll and T.J. have all espoused conspiracy theories of late. So what gives?

It's unclear why they insist it's not real, whether they have evidence to the contrary or are simply upset at not being consulted. It's a bizarre situation.

Listen to the track after the jump and see what you think:

What do you think of Michael Jackson's "Breaking News"?


MJ IS AWESOME!!! I don't really care if this is MJ, even though it sounds like him, the song rocks and just knowing he had a part in it should be enough for you people!!!


this is an insult to MJ.
MJ would have never done a song like this today.
this is a bad attempted of remember the time .
MJ was always ahead of the times not back in time this is GARBAGE


I think this is his nephew singing - Reba's son- just saw him on tv - he's trying to break into the business & sound very much like him - an easy way to break in to the music business - then have the big reveal - then nephew has automatic audience -


z-lister i agree with you but janice name is ( janet) michael and janet r the money makers in that family..


PS: IF SONY (FAILED TO HONOR MJ'S WISHES IN KEEPING WITH HIS OWN WILL) .. gave into extortion and HAD PAID THE FAMILY'S BLACKMAIL ... ;you bet your last dollar that EVERY FAMILY MEMBER would have SUNG TO THE HEAVENS about these recordings. Anything the hanger-ONS Jackson FAMILY does is for MONEY .... their father made THEM the way they ARE -- money addicted and unwilling to WORK to EARN a living. This is why all these gold-brick family members are FREE-LOADING (still) in the estate Michael paid for ....


i love u michael and i will by the cd as soon as it comes out forever fan veronica*


What do you wanna bet the Jackson family is just pissed that sony didnt throw a wad of hush-money their way.


michael; i hope that this is you because i ordered the cd off of amazon..thanks michael!


Not mj vocals.until they provide the demo or video evidence fans wont support the album.


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