Michael Jackson Fans to Oprah: You Suck!

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Some members of Michael Jackson's family have already criticized Oprah Winfrey for airing a special on molestation right before her interview with his kids.

Now a group of MJ fans are lashing out at O and her "purely coincidental" excuse for the broadcast schedule, saying they're "angry and disappointed."

A rep for the Official Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California bashed "Oprah’s need to reference child molestation shows" prior to MJ-related episodes.

Michael Jackson's family and fans have major beef with Oprah.

"Her tone seems to speak volumes,” the group added, a sentiment that's shared by Michael's brother Randy Jackson, among other friends and relatives.

Oprah says the scheduling was not intentional, but hasn't shuffled it, leaving MJ's fan group asking “How can something so obvious be a coincidence?"

Her interview with Michael Jackson's three children is scheduled to air next Monday, right after "200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward."

Coincidence? Trying to prove a point? Out of bounds? Discuss.


Damn, wasn't she supposed to retire a fucking long ass time ago?


Oprah is a devil!


Go back to 2005 when Michael was finding out his verdict Oprah had a child molestation show that week. Just last month when Lisa Marie was coming on a Thursday's show to talk about her marriage to Michael,Oprah had a child that was molested then killed his molester on that Monday and on Wednesday that same week she had Tyler Perry on talking about how he was molested. Now this Thursday she had Jackie Jackson on and on Monday she will have Michael's parents and his children on but how does she account for the show she has booked between these interviews with Michael's family, SHE PUT ON A SHOW ABOUT 200 MEN WHO HAVE BEEN MOLESTED. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ BETWEEN THE LINE WHEN YOU ARE BEING SMACK IN THE FACE WITH WHAT SHE REALLY THINKS WHERE MICHAEL JACKSON IS CONCERNED.

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