Michael Jackson Fans to Oprah: You Suck!

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Some members of Michael Jackson's family have already criticized Oprah Winfrey for airing a special on molestation right before her interview with his kids.

Now a group of MJ fans are lashing out at O and her "purely coincidental" excuse for the broadcast schedule, saying they're "angry and disappointed."

A rep for the Official Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California bashed "Oprah’s need to reference child molestation shows" prior to MJ-related episodes.

Michael Jackson's family and fans have major beef with Oprah.

"Her tone seems to speak volumes,” the group added, a sentiment that's shared by Michael's brother Randy Jackson, among other friends and relatives.

Oprah says the scheduling was not intentional, but hasn't shuffled it, leaving MJ's fan group asking “How can something so obvious be a coincidence?"

Her interview with Michael Jackson's three children is scheduled to air next Monday, right after "200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward."

Coincidence? Trying to prove a point? Out of bounds? Discuss.

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Michael Jackson was found innocent in court of all chargers ,but the verdict on Oprah Winfrey is still out .If you are a teacher and can't hug your student you can thank Oprah Winfrey.She helped spread the fear of children in this country with her ratings grabbing child molestation stories.Dont let Oprah's car give aways and with Tom Cruise jumping on couches fool you.Delusional are the people who dont understand how her manipution of public opinion has affected this country.Michael Jackson helped spread love and Oprah Winfrey has helped spread fear,don't be fooled.


Why the F... is this woman rehashing this shit that we don't care about?The whole world knows these vicious attacks and lies on michael were done by evil ppl who were grieviously obsessed with MJ's talent, creativity, personna...I mean everything about him.They were f... jealous and envious of him so they killed him bcoz they couldn't b him.U C those fucker thieves out there robbing MJ's family of what is rightfully theirs?Sony,fake executors,AEG & the rest & they R all protected by the court coz they R all part of the conspiracy.
Oprah should b ashamed of herself after she joined in with MJ's enemies to tear him apart.Why don't U heap UR arse up and go.Leave MJ alone.There is soo much stellar excellence to MJ that u can speak about but refuse.U R a fucking disgrace 2 the black race.Fire UR scunt.Lisa? Lisa Presley? Fuck she.I don't know what MJ saw in her anyway.Joe & Katherine should have never 'accepted' her.Shit.


i get so mad at people like oprah not thinging mike can do things for himself.why is it so surprising to people that this men can be normal and do things around the house or cook, clean, spend time w/his kids and have fun.just because the media showed us all bad things on this men we believed them.well oprah is doing it to.so what if he lived a different life style,everyone has there own way of living.oprah is rich too and why dont people talk about her a whole lot and bring out bad things?tv needs to be more possitive and tell the truth about things.i am so sick of negitive things that i dont watch these shows any more,that is for people that are negitive too.


why doesnt oprah stop doing this to the family,he was found not quilty.why dosent she follow the law and let it go.find other quilty people and talk about them.help kids that are being taking away and kept for yrs.enough w/ this.if it wasnt being mike names no one would talk about this anymore they would move on and help others. i am so sick of people talking about things over and over again he was found not quilty.to many other things in life to help people get off this and help others oprah.people need food and care. kids out there need love and the plant needs help make a show about that.why dont you start a new show that helps people and show people the possitive things and not negitive.rating arent everything


Oprah has always has always been very entertaining ,but it's true ,she does have the power to manipulate public opinion and helps spread the fear of children with her perve stories of molestation.


I am a fan of MJ's music but you people are delusional. i can't confirm molestation charges because i wasn't there, in his bed, and neither were any of you. only mj , the children and God know the truth. So was MJ talented? Yes. was he a child molester?maybe. i don't know. but i can say one thing i would not risk my child to find out. all of you people who swear up and down to his virtue are crazy. all you know is the artist and unless you spent every waking moment with him then you dont know what he has done or what he was capable of.


This Is how Oprah made it to the top, riding on the backs of child molestation victims while accusing her uncle and crying herself all the way to the bank.Child molestation is very real ,but most victims don't make a billion dollars from it.




hey evelyn; you must not be over it your self or u would'nt be on this page. so shut the hell up..michael has a lot lot lot of fans then and now! michael was found not guilty so oprah needs to get off this shit..she could care less about his family,its all about the ratings LOVE U MICHAEL REST IN PEACE!!!!!


Oprah should have respect for the dead. She is not an exception to wrong doings. Her skeletons will soon be out of the closet, that will be the time that she will understand that " No matter how long the night is, the day is sure to come " Michael Jackson was more loved than Oprah. Oprah's attitude is as ugly as herself.

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