Mel Gibson: Oksana Grigorieva Injured Herself!

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Mel Gibson's latest defense against allegations that he battered his now-ex, Oksana Grigorieva? That the crazy chick actually did that to herself. Seriously.

Oksana claims Mel scratched and bruised her January 6, which he denies, admitting only that he slapped her once, not hard, to protect their daughter.

As for how she appeared injured in photos taken after the fact?


SOMETHING'S FISHY: Mel says it's Oksana's story.

Mady Shany, Oksana's facialist, says in a declaration to the court that on January 12, Grigorieva came in for a facial, and she noted, "I noticed there were scratches and bruises around her eyes and on her forehead."

Shany says Oksana told her Mel "punched her and threw her on the bed while she had the baby in her arms." But was she lying about the abuse?

In Mel's declaration, he says Oksana is unstable and "suffers from Trichotillomania, an impulse control disorder characterized by the repeated urge to pull, and pulling, out ones own hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and other body hair."

Mel wasn't done there either, adding that "During our relationship Oksana often had scratches and bald spots on the side of her head as a result of this disorder (ones she is now, apparently, attempting to blame on me!)."

Oksana's lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, says in response to Gibson's declaration, "I've spent over 100 hours with Oksana and I have never seen her pick her hair or scratch her skin. She just acts like a totally normal person."

Gibson's camp says his former lover is plotting to extort him, a defense they believe is corroborated by Oksana Grigorieva emails we posted earlier.

Thoughts? Who do you believe?


With each interview, her stories make her more heroic and Mel more sinister. In her next version, she will run away barefoot, her feet bleeding and her face scratched by the thorny branches. Mel will send the hounds after her all the while his evil laugh can be heard MWAHAHAHAHA as lightning flashes and thunder booms across the sky. But she was determined and will find a way to leave Malibu to hide where she can be safe. Forget the police and shelters and even motels, she is afraid for her life and needs to hide - but where can she hide where he cannot find her - oh yes to his other house in Sherman Oaks.


I have no idea what brought these two together in the first place.
Listening to these two is like trying to eat soup with a fork!!


I dont know what to believe y would someone do that to thereselves is it worth it or if she does have the disorder he is referring to then is it in her mental health file n if she has the disorder than she did it.... My thing is if he admits to slapping her then why wouldnt he admit to others n if someone does do that how would they scratch by throwing u on the bed


This is more exhausting than a bus in Mexico City. Wish we could just get a couple of signed waivers and let these two duke it out in a ring. Would be much more entertaining.

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