Meghan Jones: Dating Jake Pavelka For Some Reason!

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Jake Pavelka, the former star of The Bachelorette, The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars, has a new girlfriend in Meghan Jones, a Dallas wedding planner.

The pool of available men must be running dry in north Texas.

Tournament of THG Couples Bracket

Just kidding ... sort of. Anyway, the two made their public debut Monday at Dancing With the Stars' 200th episode party in Los Angeles. Here's a photo:

Meghan Jones loves Jake Pavelka. She must not watch much TV.

"She makes me look really good!" Jake said, noting that a "great friend" introduced them "less than two months ago." Wait... Jake has friends? This is a wild story.

While she lives in Dallas and he's in L.A., they haven't faced too many distance issues yet. "Her family actually lives in Orange County," Jake Pavelka said.

Jake, who was dubiously engaged to Vienna Girardi earlier this year, is just gushing about Meghan Jones. Their favorite way to spend time together? Travel.

"We're going to flip a coin in the morning," he said. "It's either going to be Hawaii, Australia, Bali or Bangkok." We'd suggest eHarmony instead, Megs.

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Give this guy a break.jake got stuck not doing what he should have he went for looks and passoin.there is nothing wrong with that.but tenley was right that was going to grow for them.and that not being able to be himself with tenley.that i think would have worked it self over time.


Hi i just wanted 2 say hello


Jake You Go! I Think You Are Wonderful, In Your Defense I Thank You Handled It As Should Anyone In Your Place Would Have.You Can Only Get Your Buttons Push So Far And You Had Enough, We All Have Our Limits!You Hang In There , More People Are On Your Side Than You Think!My Arms Are Around You!


he's that bad.


Ummmm...this guy is a famewhore and a loser!


Oh man he really isn't that bad. He got a little out of control with the celebrity going to his head. But I'm sure most people would've acted the same way. Give him a break, wish him the best and let it go


I agree, he's not that bad. I'm not saying he was perfect by any means on his Bachelor season, but I hope that he's learned his lessons well, come back closer to reality, and at 32 hopefully he's found the right woman in Meghan.


Oh, come on! He's not that bad.

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