Matt Rutler and Christina Aguilera: Getting Serious?

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Bad news for concerned friends of Christina Aguilera: things are getting serious between the singer and production assistant/musician Matt Rutler.

Those close to Aguilera are reportedly worried that she's rebounding from her divorce with the wrong man, but that hasn't stopped this relationship from progressing.

The couple enjoyed an evening out at the Abbey in West Hollywood on November 24, where a witness says the pair drank, danced and "Christina was in a great mood and seemed very into Matt."

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From there, sources tell People that Aguilera and Rutler flew to New York for the weekend, as the former left son Max with his father, Jordan Bratman.

"This is the first Thanksgiving she was without Max," said an insider. "It was really hard for her and she was feeling sad, so she decided to go to the East Coast with Matt and a group of friends."

The trip cross country took these two to Rhode Island, where Aguilera took a major step in meeting Rutler's mother. Does these mean wedding bells might actually be on the way already?

Not so fast, says a friend: "They’re still getting to know each other better."

Christina met Matthew on the set of Burlesque, where he worked as a production assistant and she worked as one of the leads in the movie alongside Cher. You can watch clip from the film HERE.

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Who wants a lame lay anyway? Guys want it hot and she is a milf!


She is a mother and she is a heavenly singer and is shapely and Beautiful! Stop hating on pretty moms! Her voice and heart will always be there. We all grow into women. GOOD!


sorry..she is a skank..and she is getting fat...which she thinks heavy people are a nono..and yes I am really, really really fat..she needs to lay low and think her and Max's life out..


@Lulubelle: Talk about snap judgements. Sad that society STILL thinks that it's 'trashy' for women to celebrate their sexuality.


I don't know very much about this Christina, but from the pictures I've just seen, I think she's trashy. I'm sure that Matt's mother will feel the same way.


@monkey: Your name was probably chosen based on your IQ. You're basing your judgement on RUMORS instead of FACTS. You don't KNOW if she asked Jordan for an open marriage, you don't KNOW if she was sleeping with other people during the marriage, and you don't KNOW everything that went on in the marriage or the real reasons behind the divorce. Don't believe everything you read in the tabloids or on the internet. And just because a mother divorces her husband does not mean that she doesn't love her child. You're just ASSuming that Jordan was innocent and had nothing to do with the problems in the marriage when you don't have the full story.


This story is complete BS. Just because his facebook "current city" is Newport, RI does not mean he is from there; which FYI HG, he is not.


TO Blaize(and your right YOU do have a problem!) First, she should have never asked Jordan for an open marriage, that WILL never work. Second, she was probably already seeing other ppl(guys/gals) before she filed for divorce. Third, she is a mother and should act like she gave a shit about him and give him an intact family with his mother & father.
Point being, she like others (Tiger & Jessie) were not ready mentally or physically to settle with ONE person for the rest of their lives. This divorce was a cop-out so she can go fuck who ever she wants, good for her!


@monkey: To you all women are 'skanks' or 'sluts'. I don't know what your issue is. You do realize that if all women were asexual then there'd be no humans on this planet, right?


Oh man. Dont believe everything you read. Matt is a great guy, it is really sad seeing what the media is doing. By the way his Mother lives in New Jersey.