Lindsay Lohan Finally Realizes Dina Sucks

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Lindsay Lohan has always been enabled by Dina Lohan, her worthless fame whore of a mom. Only now is she starting to realize that's part of the problem.

The rehabbing star's wake-up call was Dina's appearance on Today this month. While Dina showed some humility, it's the pretense that bothered Lindsay.

Basically, Lindsay told her mom not to go on Today at all.

Dumb Dina Lohan

When Dina defied her and chatted it up with Matt Lauer, Lindsay, whose patience with her mom had already been wearing somewhat thin, was "furious."

Since that interview, Lindsay has become warier of her mother and is beginning to understand her antics are part of the reason for her many problems.

Moreover, Linds is beginning to realize Dina's demonization of her dad, Michael Lohan, is not the whole picture and that both parents share the blame.

Unlike her mother's behavior, the actress has been surprised, in a good way, by her dad's seeming sincerity in reaching out and respecting her wishes.

Just when you think you've heard everything ...


je suis contre la prison de la belle Lindsay Lohan je voit pas pourquoi elle doit y aller au prison pour tout ce temp la ces pas un grand grand crime la vous axagerer kand meme sil te plait je veux avoir des nouvelle merci parce que c ma meilleur actrice je suis vraiment fans delle et jai afficher ces photo dans ma chambre tellement que jladore meme si elle me connais pas merci


Shes ur mum. U shld not blame her 4 anythng. She did evrthng 2 mak who what u a now. U shld undstnd her


Yea we all knew it, finally she sees what we all see and that is a MEDIA WHORE! New bff-Kris K.?


Lindsay has been in rehabilitation for over a month, and her parents are still feeding information to the media. She is trying
to get back on track, and her own mother keep betraying her trust.
Matt Lauer is a news reporter and wants the story for ratings, but does that mean that Lindsay's mother has to accomodate the show,
by throwing her daughter's personal business and treatment information out there for all to know?


great she realize!!! hope she really can recover and start again now!!! GO LINDSAY!!


finally!Thank god! maybe she will be able to really recover this time!

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