Lily Collins: Dating Taylor Lautner?

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Lily Collins co-stars with Taylor Lautner in the upcoming film Abduction. This is an apt title for a movie in which the two appear, sources say... because Collins has stolen Taylor's heart!

Insiders tell Us Weekly that the pair has been quietly dating for about four months and that the 21-year old actress "plans on hanging out a lot" in Louisiana as Lautner films Breaking Dawn over the next couple months.

Hunk Alert!

Witnessed on the set of Abduction say Collins had a boyfriend when the movie started shooting, but Lautner was "constantly flashing his shirtless six pack" and she fell for him. We can believe that. You've seen said pack, right?

"Lily told pals that she wasn't looking to fall in love, but soon realized she had strong romantic feelings," a source says, adding:

"Taylor was smitten from day one, but Lily let him know she was in a relationship with a stuntman who was working on a Steven Spielberg movie in New Mexico. When the boyfriend got suspicious because Lily didn't return calls promptly, he hopped a plane and turned up unannounced to confront her."

In the end, though, this guy was no match for Lautner's abs of steel. Few men would be.

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i think true fans do know his birthday AND MIDDLE NAME AND WHERE HE WAS BORN, its not just you! so stop acting like we're fighting a battle on the 'bachelor' !


i love taylor lautner and all because of his acting (im not gonna deny loving hsi abs too), but im not gonna death threat her ?! like WTF? anyways that story is kind of sad because i read somewhere that lautner wants people to like him for who he is and not his abs. so if she seriously fell for his abs thats just kind of sad but it says he was smitten with her too i guess he just has that charm so it's alright. but she dumped her bf who jumped on a plane for her?!?! anyways if you wanna reply to this with screaming and CAPS LOCK and sayign i dont know them blah blah blah i dont care because hey! they asked what i thought and it is a forum.


OMG! people! do you actally know her? I think not! Do you talk to her everyday? NO! AND BTW lay off stop bumming their joy! Taylor doesn't even know you exsit so he can't be with you so HA HA HA O_O


ok u ppl are annoying! "taylors MINE im so heartbroken i hate her for stealin my man blah blah blah" you just like him cuz hes hotttttttt not sayin he isnt but u need to know more about him than just he plays on those vampire movies and has a six-pack do you even no his b-day? or his middle name? or where he was born? wat about his fav hobbie? ya didn't think so, so shut it oh and lay off lily collins shes actually really pretty. u dont even no her btw: he was born feb. 11, 92 in grand rapids michigan his middle name is daniels and he luvs martial arts well bye haters!!!!!!!


Shame on u girls! how can u judge her on her appearance! u dont even know her to say bad things about her..u wouldnt even stand a chance with tay for saying those things! u should keep in mind that personality is what really brings out the beauty in someone! plus taylor doesn't belong to anyone, hes not some price to be won..hes human like the rest of cut that "oh hes mine" crap out! that's just too creepy!


Honestly I dont think Taylor and Lily will last I mean I feel like all there pictures are lik Taylor not even smiling or lily putting on a fake smile.........No i'm not obssesed with taylor lautner I have a bf and very happy with him but im just saying I don't think Taylor and Lily will last...I just dont since chemistry and yeah i dont know them and blah blah blahh but i can tell by the pictures that have been taken of them


oh hey i just noticed now on this page she did dump her bf what a kawinkidink


who is she anyway. i heard taylor swift would dump her bf in a second if it meant they could get back together


yall.. as much as i like him, jsut STOP IT WITH THE "O SHE ONLY FELL FOR HIS ABS. BITCH" i mean really?!? theres probs mroe to the story, or its just a "o.. hes hot" thing. sure, i fell in love with his abs too. but u no wat? ALL OF U DID TOO. do u no the guy? do u talk to him everyday? do u no him inside and out? I DONT THINK SO. yall just think hes hot. so.. shaat uppp foo


Taylor's heart will always belong to Sara

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