Lily Collins: Dating Taylor Lautner?

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Lily Collins co-stars with Taylor Lautner in the upcoming film Abduction. This is an apt title for a movie in which the two appear, sources say... because Collins has stolen Taylor's heart!

Insiders tell Us Weekly that the pair has been quietly dating for about four months and that the 21-year old actress "plans on hanging out a lot" in Louisiana as Lautner films Breaking Dawn over the next couple months.

Hunk Alert!

Witnessed on the set of Abduction say Collins had a boyfriend when the movie started shooting, but Lautner was "constantly flashing his shirtless six pack" and she fell for him. We can believe that. You've seen said pack, right?

"Lily told pals that she wasn't looking to fall in love, but soon realized she had strong romantic feelings," a source says, adding:

"Taylor was smitten from day one, but Lily let him know she was in a relationship with a stuntman who was working on a Steven Spielberg movie in New Mexico. When the boyfriend got suspicious because Lily didn't return calls promptly, he hopped a plane and turned up unannounced to confront her."

In the end, though, this guy was no match for Lautner's abs of steel. Few men would be.

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Lmfao. really? lily fell for him because of his abs? dumped her bf in sec just for him? i think this sounds like a shallow bitch. i don't think they will last. Trust me.


A lot of sites talk about that girl and her "diva" behavior on Abduction's set. They also question about the validity of this couple? No pics of them intimate, i mean alone, no pics at all actually. Always surrounded by members of Abduction's production.
Now, if really she dumped a long time boyfriend just to be with Taylor( who she's using for Publicity)then she's a bitch, I'm not the only one who says that, she's cast in more roles since she's linked to him, she's not even mention as Phil collins's daughter now but as taylor's girlfriend(if it's true). Singleton doesn't even talk about her when he speaks about the cast of Abduction......She is a Beverly hills girl....very ambitious but unfortunately she has no talent that's why she keeps on playing the "Taylor Lautner" card.


wow, i cannot believe i just read all of the comments below. all of you 10 year olds that are in love with him? stop being so jealous and give it up. if their happy, more power to them.


I think you should be single, a great woman will come your way stop dating teen girls Taylor! Girls talk about how hot you are but really fanz and actresses are the same at the end they are girls and looks are the only thing that they look for! ... I know you been hurt! But karma is a bitch they will pay, so be single and enjoy life


Well I just read an article talking about Taylor breaking up with his on again/off again gf for Lily... so who knows the real story. If they are happy more power to them. I personally really like Lily and think they make a much better much than Taylor squared.


All you people need to stop hating on him and Lily. She is an amazing person and for all of you especially Randomz or what ever, Lily was on The Blind Side which was a great movie. Taylor is happy. Sure he could do better but it would not be with one of you obssesed and crazed fans. He only dates celebs so stop living in your stupid fantacies and let him be happy. He has a girl and they both feel for each other. If you love him then you would all be happy for him. Lily and Taylor, I hope you two are happy together. Best of luck!


taylor is supper hot lol:)


Taylor's lover u love him so much spell his name right first :P xx


Not the type to critisize and bitch but this girl is really getting on my nerves. Who the fuck is she? I never even knew she exist before I heard she was Taylor Lautners "girlfriend." Yuck anyway I sound like a total jealous fan which I kinda am but she's got nothing nice about her. She's not even the slightest bit pretty. I showed my mom this photo of her and she says she actually doesn't have anything nice about her. Which is true. She cant act and is a terrible person.


Taylor you should be a shamed of yourself dating some chick who dumped her bf and in the end fell in love with your abs. You can do so much better than Lilly Collins. You should try dating a fan i'm sure like me and my fellow taylor fans want a shot to winning and stealing your heat :)...but seriously Lilly? I rather see you with Demi Lovato or Dooley both girls are sweet and very pretty. Try sticking to smart girls unlike collins and swift both are bimbos and are child like. But, i just hope that relationship doesn't last for long...Taylor break up with her and date me better yet Marry me :)

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