Lil Wayne Hit With Another Paternity Suit

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Lil Wayne has four kids. That we know of. Of course four, at least three have different mothers. The mother of the second child has never been established.

In any case, the ranks of Weezy's brood may be growing yet again! A Louisiana woman claims he fathered her eight-year-old grandson and wants a DNA test.

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She'd have gotten it long ago had it not been for Hurricane Katrina. Really.

T-Pain (left) has nothing to do with this article.

Ever since the baby was born in 2002, the boy's family "tried multiple times to get a paternity test" from the troubled rapper, only to face unforeseen delays.

Such as a massive natural disaster. The New Orleans court system moved at a snail's pace anyway, but after Katrina, the case's records were all destroyed.

Proceedings were therefore delayed by a matter of years. Finally, this year, the court ordered Lil Wayne to submit to a DNA test. He was in jail at the time.

Now that he's been sprung, Wayne has until early-December to take it. Lightning (or hurricanes, more accurately) aren't likely to strike twice, fortunately.


Poor kid


halla! @ weezy, 4 kids +1 that shows sum manhood, it wont be a problem 4 wayne 2 maintain the kids, coz its ''young moolla! Baby''


The only reason that lady wants a dna test so her can get questions answer like is the baby really wayne's baby. if the baby is his then her next question would be how many back child support does he owe her.. {i mean the baby}


You all on some serious drugs.


I think wayne is sexy!!! Idk y? Like i wudnt date no1 dat luks like wEiRD but..wutevr? I think dat gurl need sum "$" so she gota go 4 da 1 dat gots "a milli" LSFL:D


Why in the world isn't he using a condom when sleepin with these women?? I mean he must know that some of these women are just hoping that they will get pregnant by him so that they can go around bragging about who their "baby daddy" happens to be and improve their financial status or pass an std !!!


(Don't ask me why I seriously have this crush on him...he's not my usual type by about a mile or two! ;) I like his music and New Orleans, too!!


I think 'Lil Wayne is hot!! He is the only tattooed guy that I've ever thought was really attractive. It's his personality, too... Apparently, a lot of healthy, child-bearing women besides me think so, too!! ;-)

Jennifer miller

It appears to me this lady just want some money.


Very true,he looks like something out of creature feature. The grandmother must be hard up for acknowledgement to want to introduce this whacked job who looks like death riding on a lifesaver to her grandchild. Talk about sci-fi ugly!!

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