Lee DeWyze Album Sales: Disastrous

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Lee DeWyze seems like a very nice guy and certainly possess a lot of music talent. But these numbers speak for themselves:

The American Idol champion moved 39,000 copies of his debut CD in its first week of sales, making him the least successful Idol finalist in history. Not just champion, mind you. But finalist. Period.

Lee DeWyze at the Finale

Here's a look at the first-week sales figures, and Billboard chart ranking, for each American Idol winner and runner-up, over the show's first eight seasons. Best of luck, Crystal Bowersox, with your debut album, which drops on December 14.

Season 8
No. 11, Kris Allen, Kris Allen (80,000)
No. 3, Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (198,000)

Season 7
No. 3, David Cook, David Cook (280,000)
No. 2, David Archuleta, David Archuleta (183,000)

Season 6
No. 10, Jordin Sparks, Jordin Sparks (119,000)
No. 10, Blake Lewis, Audio Day Dream (98,000)

Season 5
No. 2, Taylor Hicks, Taylor Hicks (298,000)
No. 2, Katharine McPhee, Katharine McPhee (116,000)

Season 4
No. 2, Carrie Underwood, "Some Hearts" (315,000)
No. 4, Bo Bice, "The Real Thing" (227,000)

Season 3
No. 8, Fantasia, Free Yourself (240,000)
No. 52, Diana DeGarmo, Blue Skies (47,000)

Season 2
No. 1, Ruben Studdard, Soulful (417,000)
No. 1, Clay Aiken, Measure of a Man (613,000)

Season 1
No. 1, Kelly Clarkson, Thankful (297,000)
No. 20, Justin Guarini, Justin Guarini (57,000)

LOL I called it. It comes down to this guys... Lee had a bunch of little immature pre-teen girls voting for him hundreds of times a night. As soon as he won they all forgot about him. They were happy to see him win but their focus was still on Justin Bieber. So the day of his release comes around and none of these girls had any idea. On the contrary, Crystal Bowersox has LOYAL fans. They appreciate her music and personality. I'm from Chicago and I like Lee but his music is EH... But Crystal Bowersox is special. For those of you who like Lee's music, its decent. Nothing against the kid cause he's definitely talented but go to Youtube and check out Crystal's originals if you want to be "blown away". Her album sales will speak for themselves, trust me on that.


Taylor Hicks? Ewww.


You can't blame Lee for any of this. With AI losing its steam, Simon leaving and economy being in the toilet, it's no wonder. Also, season 8 was so incredible with Lambert, Allen and Iraheta, that everything pales in comparison. In the meantime, Lee is my all times favorite, I'll be his devoted fan forever. If only people would just bother to listen to this CD and his previous work, they'd be blown away.


Perhaps the producers will learn from the last two years doesn't pay to fix the contest by swaying votes and hiding votes and let the real votes of the public come through and spend their marketing money on the obvious, a win win situation!


cuz american idol lost its reputation after season 8. isnt it obvious adam should have won. look at the difference of the sales...its like. whatever..making wrong choices will ruin the show...another big mistakes...simon leaving american


crystal was such an obvious winner that year! so hahahaha to lee and his 2 fans.


I really wish more people would actually listen to the album. It is very good. I think being on AI this season was like the kiss of death. I really love the sound of his voice & wish well. I've got my cd on repeat - can't figure out which song is my favorite. I change my mind every day lol!


The difference between Lee Dewyze, and Crystal Bowersox is Crystal Bowersox is an amazing Singer/songwriter who has the respect of other artists. I have heard some unreleased songs from her that will be on future albums and blow people away. Once the suits get out of the way Crystal will prove you dont have to fit in their package to be a star.


And then you look at Chris daughtry from season 5...he's been incredibly successful considering he placed 4th in a fluke elimination


Taylor Hicks has the 3rd highest debut CD of ALL Idol finalists and winners and went on to sell over 800,000 copies of that album. Dayum GREAT compared to all who followed him. He's a multi-millionairre now and doing whatever the hell he wants! Made $3.5 million during his staring role on Broadway and owns his own label. A TRUE success story.


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