Lady Gaga in Italian GQ: She's On Fire!

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Whether you love her, tolerate her or loathe her, you gotta give Lady Gaga credit for sparking controversy. Get it? Peep the cover of Italy's GQ and you will.

The singer knows how to make a fashion statement, be it a meat gown, a hair dress, a Kermit the frog frock, or a machine gun bra. What will she do next?

She always keeps us guessing. We've seen her explosive chest on display before in concert, but this is a fiery new twist. Thoughts? Take a look and assess:

Lady Gaga, Machine Gun Bra

What do you think of Lady Gaga's GQ cover?


Lady Gaga should date Prince ,they should be about the same size.


Lady Gaga is the hottest thing to hit the pop music scene since Madonna and Annie Lennox who also made great and outrageous videos. She is everything that good pop music should be. Irellevant and meaningless with a terrific dance beat and great vocals. Add to this a flamboyant personality with an outrageous fashion style and you have what keeps pop music alive and kicking. It was about time for this great lady of Pop to arrive and inject some new blood into the pop scene.


I'm guessing they couldn't schedule a shoot? Anyways, I love Lady Gaga. She's such an inspiration in so many ways.


boooring! next! haha


FAIL. This was the cover for TIME MAGAZINE - most influential people ("Artist" for her). Huge fail on repeating that cover for another mag.

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