Kris Humphries Dines with Kim Kardashian

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Kris Humphries is an NBA journeyman who has played for four teams in his career.

Kim Kardashian is a dating journeywoman who has gone to bed with... more than four men in her romantic career.

Together, this pair comprised a table at the famous New York City eatery NOBU last night. No other details are available at the moment, but Humphries' first name, combined with his profession, make him a viable companion for Kim. Still, there's something about him that seems different than other boyfriends she's gone for.

We can't quite put our finger on it. Can you?

NYC Shopper
Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries is averaging 4.3 points per game this year. Kim Kardashian is averaging nearly that many nude pictorials.


The most phony greedy family in the world also BORRING.


Wow, it is amazing how others judge you. Kim I am so happy for you enjoy your new husband and have a beautiful life. By the way, I love the show and love what your Mom is doing with you all, she is the best, may your family continue to be the #1 family of entertainment.


I wonder if ray j would appear in her and kris sex tape. If she can cash in on her wedding she could do it with a sex tape. She is exactly like her mother. But congrats to them both hopefully she will stay with him and accept him for his special qualities not his deep pocket. Unless he likes slopy seconds. lol good on you rich girl lets hope you dont end up on the floor on your knees sucking on someone elses sausage.


Every white person in the world knows that having kids with blacks makes for great looking kids. Obama!


You haters crack me up...listen to yourselves. Stop being so jealous and let ppl live their lives.


Kim has a beautiful pussy


Kim is looking for a guy with white genes / appearance, to reproduce. She tried to get in on with Aubrey, who is a white guy that dates black women. Most white men will not reproduce with white women who have dated blacks.. they might have sex with them as a one nighter with a condom,
but they dont want them as the mother of their children. Kim is no idiot, that she wants to drag around african-appearing children, so she is now desperately trying to find a rich, white-looking husband who will offer her non-african looking children. once you go black its hard to go back, since no one wants you in a relationship anymore.


Wow! Comments r soo entertaining lol


oh dear,why the haters!the Kardashian family is so hardworking and the gals are beautiful.i love their show and they are so real.


Haters..hey haters, go haters ..idiots ! Vocé não bem! Stupido ..ur very rude,to all da female haters ,u only haten cuz u gt nthn good goin 4 u and 4 da guys u aint gt a chick like kim...aaaaw its a sad life 4 all y'all haters ! Quepena desculpa..

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