Kody Brown, Sister Wives Still Under Investigation

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TLC's Sister Wives has been picked up for a second season. Whether prosecutors in Utah throw a wrench into it with bigamy charges remains to be seen.

Kody Brown and his four wives have come under scrutiny from law enforcement and members of their own community for broadcasting their lives on TV.

The Browns have been under investigation for two months - and counting.

Kody Brown, Wives

"We're in no rush to get this filed," says Donna Kelly, a deputy county attorney for Utah County. "You can expect a decision in the next 60 to 90 days."

Although polygamy is illegal, officials rarely get involved due to the sheer number of cases in Utah unless there's child abuse, incest, abuse or fraud.

"We don't go looking for cases like this," says Kelly. "But the Browns have definitely made it easier for us by admitting to felonies on national TV."

Kody recently wed Robyn Sullivan on Sister Wives, upping the wife tally to four. What do you think? Should the Sister Wives cast be prosecuted?

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All I have to say is Kody only is really married to one of his wives. The others he has no license with, so they are not really his wives. The family is happy, the kids well adjusted, so I say they r not breaking any laws. They will tell you and have said on the show, they only have one marriage licenses, everyone knows about the other woman, and they are all ok with it. What law is being broke. It is all out in the open, not like he is having affairs behind their back. Leave them alone.


I do not know a whole lot about the mormon religion, or polygamy! I am lutheran. I Have watched the show from beginning and the wives and kids are very happy, taken care of and love there life! If any buddy should be put in jail or judged, it should be some murderer! wwwwwwwhy have our tax dollars pay for such a stupid thing! These children are more happier than a lot of very disfunctional families or abused children!


Um, there is a reason for the New Testament Erin.
Let them do what they think is right, but don't try and use the Bible as a reference, beause you must not know it that well.
It's not our place to tell them what's right and wrong. People don't know what they like, they like what they know.
You want someone coming into your life and telling you what they think your doin wrong?
It's a matter of opinion.


Um, there is a reason for the New Testament Erin.
I'm not judging them, let them do what ever they feel is right, but don't try and use the Bible as a reference because you must not know it that well.
Also, it's not our place to tell what's right and wrong for them, it's a matter of oppinion. People don't know what they like. They like what they know.


"Although polygamy is illegal, officials rarely get involved due to the sheer number of cases in Utah unless there's child abuse, incest, abuse or fraud." So, in other words, you're NOT doing your job, Donna Kelly, deputy county attorney for Utah County??? Hmm, are you a polygamist too? What's the point in having laws if no one, including law enforcement, enforces them? This reinforces the view that the LDS church, and their members (and some in law enforcement) actively tolerate and encourage this type of thing. Maybe law "enforcement" in Utah should be investigated by the FBI? I'm assuming this "family" did this purely for financial and ego boosting reasons. Your 15 minutes are about up... And TLC, you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel...


I think the women in this show are flat out, stupid. Am I the only one that sees that there's something wrong with the fact that these 4 women just "have to be" with the same man. Sorry ladies, but he's not that great.. and you can definitely find someone else out there.
This, would NEVER be allowed by a man's standards... having to share his woman with 3 other male individuals, give me a break.. no man would put up with that.
I also don't think that that's a very good environment for kids. So they're gonna grow up believing that that's okay and that's how people come together... in fives?! Piss off with ur b.s. tv show.. I agree, this should not be aired.
...and to all you morons that watch this, you're not helping either.. you're just glorifying it.


As long as there are no child brides, everyone is open about the status of their corelationships, and have entered into the arrangement freely, let them live. They aren't hurting anyone aside from themselves, and if you don't like it, then change the channel on TV, or turn it off. As for ruining the sanctity of Marriage, and it being a travesty against God, better dig out the bible again, and reread the old Testatment. Not only were multiple wives allowed, they were common. Is it for everyone, NO. For those Christian's out there who think that it is destroying "marriage", I hope you haven't had a divorce, and remember it isn't your place to judge.


Let me guess-the first wife is his legal wife, while the rest are "single moms" collecting big time on their taxes for their kids. Yeah, something about that rubs me the wrong way. If you want to be a bigot and claim women like trophies while no allowing them to see other men, you better at least be able to pay for everything and not take my tax dollars to help you break the law. Prosecute for tax fraud too.


Doesnt anyone care about the true meaning of marriage??? Marriage is SUPPOSE to be a permanent union between 2 ppl that love each other & want to spend the rest of their lives together. If these ppl want to be together & be a family then fine- but don't call it a marriage- call it a committed relationship or something. MARRIAGE is for 2 ppl.... What these people have is a 5 way publicity stunt. Pathetic human beings putting a bad name on marriage... Utah should be bombed...


Heck no. Just leave em alone