Klash of the Kim Kardashian Kostumes: Which is Best?

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One is never enough for Kim Kardashian.

No, we aren't referring to professional athletes. Or naked photo spreads. Instead, we're talking about Halloween costumes from this weekend alone, as Kim strutted her busty stuff on numerous red carpets and changed her look up each time.

First, she was an innocent girl lost in the woods. Then, a princess with a crown... a pirate full of booty... and, lastly, a spotted jungle cat, ready to pounce. Click on each image for a larger view (it's okay, fellas, take your time) and then vote in the following poll:

As Little Red Riding Hood

Which costume is your favorite?


leopard because she is FINALLY covered up... she should think of the yung girls out there that also like her as a person i would NEVER let my child look at her as a romodle she only reminds me of a porn star u know with her movie and all puts it all out there
got your name right there kim haha!!! sorry but true!!!


Leo, do u dislike her that much?


Red queen :)


When does this over-exposed **Kover Girl ever sleep?? Just asking!

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