Kim Zolciak: Engaged to Kroy Biermann!

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On last night's edition of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes inched very close to a divorce. Her castmate, meanwhile, has gone in the opposite direction.

Sources close to Kim Zolciak tell Radar Online this reality star is engaged to NFL lineman Kroy Biermann. Last week, the pair revealed its expecting a child in a few months.

Kroy Biermann's 2010 stats: 28 tackles, one sack and one fiancee.

"They are both really happy about both the baby and their engagement and cannot wait to start their new lives together," an insider said. “Kroy proposed to her and bought her a substantial ring, which she has shown to a few friends, although she is not wearing it in public yet."

Kim and Kroy are in negotiations for a spin-off show, Kendra and Hank Baskett-style.

If the spin-off doesn't go down, friends say Kim wants some leverage with Bravo when discussing a new Real Housewives of Atlanta contract, something an impending wedding and baby would provide. Yes, she's using these major life milestones as negotiating tactics.

“The other cast members are publicly backing Kim and Kroy, but privately there are some jealousies because Kim is very much in the spotlight right now and not everyone is happy about that," concluded the source.

** UPDATE: "Kim is definitely NOT engaged," Zolciak's rep says. "There is no truth to this rumor."

Eh, sounds to us like Kim just wants to cash in by breaking this story herself in a tabloid.

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I'm happy for them. Kim is mature enough to know what's out here and Troy is young enough to don't be an ass! Let them be happy! Who doesn't deserve happinest?


Kroy must be in fantasy land & he's in for a wild ride. This woman & I use the term loosely won't be a good role model for his son. She seems like a materialistic person who is selfish & craves $$$$
& sex with anyone who gives her anything she wants. She looks hard & fake. Those wigs look a joke.
She'll do anything even have a baby to snare Kroy for his money. Her father is disgusting can see why she has NO morals


Kim is too selfish to stop smoking. Kroy is young and dumb and about to make the biggest mistake of his life. She's pure trash, and he will be sorry he ever knew her name. The kids will ultimately pay the price for this trainwreck. Too bad Kroy is going to wake up to the worst nightmare of his young life. Don't say we didn't warn ya!


I have no doubt in my mind that her pregnancy was an accident. Kim is a gold digger and I think she planned it to get him in her life. Think about it, with big poppa she didn't get pregnant because he loved the situation of stayibg married... I don't know, that's what I though when I heard the news...


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