Kim Zolciak: Angling for a Spin-Off?

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Kim Zolciak is pregnant. But instead of seeing first steps and adorable giggles in her future, this Real Housewife can only see one thing: dollar signs.

Insiders tell Radar Online that Kim wants to follow the Bethenny Frankel model of ditching one show for the grander opportunity of starring in a spin-off that would follow her and boyfriend Kroy Biermann as they prepare for parenthood.

Kim Zolciak Milkshake

There's nothing like using a fetus as a bargaining chip, is there?

If Kim Zolciak is given her own show, can she at least be barred from singing on it?

"Kim knows that having this baby represents a great opportunity and she is already in talks about her own reality show spin-off starring Kroy," a source says. "This would represent a real problem for Real Housewives of Atlanta because they wanted her baby and any wedding for their show... it will all come down to money."

Ah, the joys of expecting motherhood.


I saw that coming since Big Poppa cut her azz off she needed to find another ATM ASAP! She is such a bad influence on her daughter when it comes down to how to be a proud WOMAN... she basically sells her self to the highest bidder. I guess she's a smart booty broker... not business woman as she refers to herself as from time to time!


Kim is a joke. If they actually give her a reality show, then me or anybody else should be able to get a reality show.


ZzzzzzzzUhm, I think I'll be sitting this one out. No thanks to that! Does she really believe she's all that interesting? If so ,she'd be very wrong about that.

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