Kim Kardashian Plays Dead for Good Cause

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Kim Kardashian is finally putting her inexplicable popularity to good use.

The large-breasted sex tape star is one of a number of big names participating in the Digital Life Sacrifice event, a charitable effort spearheaded by Alicia Keys that asks celebrities to stay off all social networking sites until $1 million is raised in honor of World AIDS Day on December 1.

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In a poster to promote the cause, Kim does the same thing that made her famous in the first place: lie down in front of a camera with her eyes closed...

"Kim Kardashian Is Dead," reads this ad, detailing how she has sacrificed her digital life "to give real life to millions of others affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. Visit or text ‘KIM’ to ‘90999’ to buy her life now."

We're all for any celebrity using his/her fame to raise funds. But wouldn't this be a more effective campaign if the population could donate money to keep Kim off Twitter and Facebook?


Chelsea you get two thumbs up for that comment... And I agree hundred percent... Why is it that we are also helping countries outside of ours when they can't even come up with reliable health care or housing... Ppl become homeless everyday and the only programs available are the ones that will grant a first class ticket back into a shelter... Or the simple fact that minimum wage can't take care no one with a family of two or more if you going give a million to any one it should be for the homeless and sick in USA


100% agree with Chelsea! But unfortunately I do not think that will ever change. Most celebs will always fight for a cause for a country other than ours.


Well said Chelsea


CAN WE FOR ONCE HELP OUR COUNTRY FIRST!!!! Im soooo sick of all these people tring to save every other country but our own....last time I checked there were people here in the United States of America that were hungry, cold, sick, lonely, homeless, thirsty, and in need of any help they could get....but why help someone out in our country lets just send ALL our money over seas....we eaither need to change the name UNITED States of America or start helping out our fellow US citizens.....hell noone ever donates anything to us...hello can we use our brains??




ok why not help with people infected with aids n hiv in our own country??


ok you don't get aids from cumputer lets see how long it would take her be off the computer


Aids is a huge global menace and every effort must be made to combat it, however does anyone have difinitive information as to it's origin? Did it just drop from the sky?


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