Kim Kardashian Plays Dead for Good Cause

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Kim Kardashian is finally putting her inexplicable popularity to good use.

The large-breasted sex tape star is one of a number of big names participating in the Digital Life Sacrifice event, a charitable effort spearheaded by Alicia Keys that asks celebrities to stay off all social networking sites until $1 million is raised in honor of World AIDS Day on December 1.

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In a poster to promote the cause, Kim does the same thing that made her famous in the first place: lie down in front of a camera with her eyes closed...

"Kim Kardashian Is Dead," reads this ad, detailing how she has sacrificed her digital life "to give real life to millions of others affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. Visit or text ‘KIM’ to ‘90999’ to buy her life now."

We're all for any celebrity using his/her fame to raise funds. But wouldn't this be a more effective campaign if the population could donate money to keep Kim off Twitter and Facebook?


@Chelsea: You seem to forget that we rich countries gained our wealth by stealing it from these third-world countries in the first place. It would only be justice to give it back. And have you been in these places? Have you even tried to know what you're talking about before opening your mouth? We may also have poverty in our midst, but even the poorest american or european looks like Rockefeller while compared to the poorest third-worlders! Now, about this KK fuckhead: Like Missy Bitch said, "they don't care about anyone but themselves" and for Kim, it's just a way to trick the masses into thinking she's a decent person after all so she can sell us whatever she might be doing. Why doesn't SHE give her millions to the cause and keep her hands off our not-so-full wallets? It's always the same story over and over again: the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the rich ask the average people to help the poor. When the hell are we gonna bring them down?!


Kim Kardashian is dead...drop dead gorgeous! Celebrities have always lent theit name and image to global issues. 20 years ago it was Save the Rain Forests, Now it is say the Earth...everyone is going green or being ecologically friendly. As for helping our own American citizens...there are dozens of foundations(in America) that donates billions of dollars annually to fight for the homeless, drug addiction, jobless issues, hunger(ever heard of "Dare to Care" food bank?)and Education for the mentally challenged citizens.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in conjunction with Mr. Warren Buffet are the spearhead of such efforts and has invited dozens of USA billionaires to do likewise. Now, is'nt that the American way?


Oh, thank god, her butt is still alive. I was worried.


Damn I wish she was really fukn dead I hate that whole family they don't care about anyone but themselves they need to be more like fukn mother threasa or someone


So many millions have been raised for AIDS but where is it really going? Charity begins at home and celebrities should organize funding for their own country because America has earthquakes, flooding, mudslides, fires etc. Let the other countries start looking after themselves instead of constantly expecting handouts.

Fabio colorado

uuuuuyyyyy q chimba vieja mamasota buenona q cuerpazo tan espectacular el q tiene esta mamasota buenona a q rico seria estar al lado de ella chao q dios te bendiga


I agree with Chelsea. And I think this would be a lot effective campaign if we could donate money to see Kim die. I am pretty sure I would pay at least a $100 just to get rid of a waste of space like her. What is she famous for again? Oh, right. Having a sex tape and a big butt. Wow. Just wow.


Damn, I thought this was going to be true :(


I also agree w/ chelsea- but what I also don't get is why don't all these MILLIONARES donate THEIR money instead of trying to make us "blue collar middle americans" (whatever the hell we're called) give up our little hard-earned money! I'm all for good causes but what the hell! You celebrities have millions of dollars to spare- why don't YOU donate!?


Kim, how about not just playing dead for a million, but actually killing yourself for it? There are people who would pay to see that. We got five on it! Or we could just make a threesome video? It's up to you girl, holla atcha boys!


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