Kim Kardashian: Kontent Without a Kompanion

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In many ways, Kim Kardashian has not evolved very much.

She's gone from a woman who had sex with Ray J on camera to a woman who continues to take her clothes off for magazines.

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But in ways that are perhaps less perceptible to the naked eye, Kim has changed greatly. She explains as much in the latest issue of People.

For more on Kim Kardashian's love life, pick up this copy of People.

"There was at time in my life where all I wanted was a relationship and I thought that was the most important thing," Kim says.

And now?

Kardashian says she feels "powerful" on her own, adding that she never would have pegged herself to be the career-oriented type.

"Is it weird that I'm now the single one? It's definitely a change for me," she admits, adding that she's still hoping to find love: "I have always been the one in a relationship. I like that role, I want that best friend partnership."


Kim made her bed and now has to lay in it (pun intended). Kim made herself into a sex object - the lame sex tape, letting Brandys brother pee on her, playboy, ever other slutty photoshoot she has done. Men just want to have sex with Kim pee on her and move on. Like the other guy said below nobody wants to take a girl like Kim home to their mom let alone marry her and have children with her. Just think one day Kims kids will google their mommy's name and see pics of her with a big dick down her throat what man wants to explain to their kids 'thats how mommy became famous'. Kim u may as well get back with Ray J and keep leaking porno tapes.


The primary thing that Kim K. has to do is to re-invent herself.
Keep out of the limelight for at least 30 days, no photo-ops,no interviews,no dating anybody for at least 3 months,and more than anything else,ease up on the low-cut,thigh high outfits, so that you can be taken seriously (for a change). It is not my intentions
for you to go through withdrawal,but a brand new You,might just attract the right Man. Good luck,out there somewhere is someone just waiting for a girl like you, minus the red hot reputation,that has followed you in recent years.At least give the last relationship time to cool off before investing in a new one.


Stop being a mudshark and find Jesus.Find him not date him.


LOL just like the old saying no one wants a hoe for a housewife!!! She is very pretty that's undeniable, but who really wants a real relationship with a girl who has a sex tape out??? Guys will only want to hit it and split it. Yes, us men actually do have standards when wanting a woman to become our wife!!!


stop getting naked, get a real job, and maybe men will take you more seriously...idiot.


Slow week, People?


Agreed randyjacksonsbutt! If she only would follow that very simple advice, I think she could be married and happy with a family. The choices she maked on who she dates is where she went wrong. So this boohooing shit is not working for me!


yea and basket ball players to just kiss all the guys til you fine the right guy


Kim, honey you can date who ever you want!! You have a family who loves you very very much!! Khlo and Kourt will always be there to support you!!


Kim, u will find ur prince charming one day, don't even stress about it! I love you doll, you are so beautiful & sexy all ur haters are just dying to be in your shoes!!


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