Kendra Wilkinson Clears the Air Over Playboy Confusion

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Yes, Kendra Wilkinson is featured on the holiday cover of Playboy.

And, yes, this is the same Kendra Wilkinson who said a week ago that she would not be posing for the magazine again.

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But, no, such an apparent contradiction does NOT make her a hypocrite. We'll let Kendra explain, via a blog entry from today:

I wanted to clear something up really quick! A lot of you saw on my show that I was struggling to decide whether to pose for Playboy again or not. I AM on the December cover of Playboy but it wasn’t from a recent shoot. The photos are from a shoot I did 2 years ago when I was still living in the mansion.

Ah, makes perfect sense now. Perhaps Kendra will next explain her definition of single parenthood, as ridiculously outlined in this interview.


I like this magazine cover,I never saw Michael Jackson pose like this with Bubbles.


Her husband is hardly a high profile football player. He gets let go by several teams and his current team doesn't start him. He not good by any means. That's why. The pictures are old. Who cares. Go way and be a mom to your kid.


Did you guys even read the article? She said she did NOT pose for them again and that the pictures were ones that were already taken from when she still lived in the mansion. She said she wouldn't pose AGAIN; not that she wouldn't let them use OLD photos. Learn to read, losers.


She is not a lier, people change there minds about things all the time. She may have said it on tv but what that means she is not intentional to be human and have second thoughts. Every one needs to stop trying to find people to pass blame on. Remember we are all sinners and there is no sin greater than another and with that said look in the mirror and ask your self truly what was the last lie or dishonest thing you have done...


wow, seems so easy for everyone to judge her. Well anyways, I like her and her show. Its on TV and that entertainment. And Im not one to judge anyone, Im not perfect, dont think anyone is or is anyone in the position to judge.
Keep Rockon on Kendra and kiss that beautiful baby boy of yours, he is just adorable.


Seriously people get a life millions of girls pose for playboy each year just because Kendra is famous from dating Hef doesn't make her some skank.
she's a person to who has feelings give her a break you wouldn't want people judging you for your choices stop criticizing her for her way of making a living.


She's a lying, selfish media whore who's becoming increasingly pathetic and irrelevant with each passing day.


I can't watch the Kendra show, cause I'm just not into beastiality .


With it being so close to the Holidays,I'm quite sure that the in-laws are looking at this prize catch that Hank has brought into the family. Most mother-in-laws have that quiet observance of the girl that her son bring home. It is one thing for Kendra to have gotten past the sex-tape-excapes,but another thing to be faunting herself as the global Christmas stocking for Playboy 2010!
When all is said and done,being married to a high profile football player,having her own reality show,a golden key to the Playboy Mansion,and this adorable little boy is just not enough for Kendra's need to continue to show it all to anybody and everybody. This is her son's first Christmas as a toddler, and her gift to the world is another Playboy Spread,as if she has something different to show than what has already been advertised!


Sure, Kendra is a loose ho and is willing to spread 'em for $$$, but I would still like her to blow me and swallow my load. I have some McDonald's "Monopoly Instant-Win" pieces I can pay her with.

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