Keith Olbermann: Returning to Work, Thankful for Support

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Well, that didn't last long.


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    Keith Olbermann’s legal war with Current TV is over. He settled out of court.

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    Keith Olbermann has just sued Current TV for A LOT of money, and that was not taken kindly by the network, who responded in kind.

    Keith Olbermann to David Letterman: I Screwed Up Big Time!

    In his first TV appearance since his ouster from Current TV last week, Keith Olbermann told David Letterman on The Late Show Tuesday that "I screwed up really big."

    Keith Olbermann: Fired By Current TV!

    Keith Olbermann has been fired by Current TV, the network that took him in after the much higher-profile MSNBC cut him loose.

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    I miss you, Come back we need you, Egypt people need you, We need you.


    We are simply not going to watch anything on protest of the final firing of Keith. His passionate, "tell it like he sees it" style is refreshing and a change from the "fox-speak" so prevalent in today's network/cable news. Drinking the koolade is what the lower end of the gene pool enjoys....let them keep it. Shame on MSNBC for giving the Glen Beck's, Hannity's, Rush, and O'Reilly folks something else to rant about. Challenging ideas are good for everyone ... and Keith did it best. It is also hard to believe that COMCAST didn't have a say in this...therefore we will also protest COMCAST by never using their services and may give up NBC altogether.


    Best move MSNBC has made in a long time. Thank You, Thank You.


    Welcome back indeed, Keith! Thank you, Mr. Griffin, for reinstating this wonderful man, who always speaks the truth on his highly entertaining news program, which I watch religiously. I enjoy watching Countdown, Rachel Maddow's show, Hardball, The Chris Matthews Show, and The Ed Show. I also like listening to righties, such as Pat Buchanan, whom I highly respect, and Joe Scarborough. But Pat is definitely the best conservative broadcaster, although I'm not a big fan of right-wing politics. He's just an entertaining guy to listen to. He doesn't any harbor any malice in his heart, unlike some of his conservative counterparts. Nevertheless, I'm extremely static to have Mr. Olbermann back on Countdown. Thank you, thank you!


    Thank you for keeping your readers updated on news and information regarding Keith's return to "his" anchor desk.BRAVO!!


    I couldn't be happier! We need Keith, he speaks for all who don't have a say! Keith tells us what we need to hear....
    Welcome back!

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