Keith Olbermann Defends Cable News from Jon Stewart Attack

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When they go to the polls today, Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart will likely vote for many of the same candidates.

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    calkinst / @beepu2 on another point, rllaey, fags having kids. I'm a little lost, if you mean that literally, hey, breaking news, two men/two women, can't physically have a child themeselves (unless 2 dudes and 2 chics got together and make that happen) which isn't bad cause of too many kids without parents, and is not literally, then you need to adopt every parentless child in america right now, cause clearly your philosphy is going to turn them into wonderful intelligent human beings.


    The problem for Liberals is, the left does not listen to liberal radio or watch Keith Obermann or Rachael Maddow. Some liberals are just compassionate others are socialists or even communist. The "blue dog Democrats" should get together with the "Rino Republicans" and Libertarians and form a truly centerist political party. Extreme views will always be marginalized because most Americans are in the middle. People who hate Obama are really not different than those who hate Palin. Government and politics are both too intrusive.


    Having Keith Olbermann or John Stuart Liebowitz preach to us about sanity or common sense or objective journalism is beyond laughable. Both men are so far Left Lenin himself would think them to be radicals. Funny thing is-if they ever had the society they long for, they would be the first put up against the wall and shot!!!

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