Katy Perry AMA Performance: "Firework" Fizzles

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We love Katy Perry personally and think some of her songs are really catchy, but her live singing skills were a bit suspect at the American Music Awards.

It's hard to watch her rendition of "Firework" (below) and not think that, but that's just our opinion. What do you think? Did she knock it out of the park?

In her defense, at least she TRIED to sing live, which is more than we can say for some of the no-talent hacks who masquerade as musicians. Also, the boys' choir was a nice touch, and that tear-away dress? An even nicer touch ...

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When will Katy realize that she doesn't have the legs and butt to pull off those outfits? Embarrassing!


and all the people that thought she did good, forgiving her for being bad are probably the same suckers that buy that crap and make no talent fools millionaires....they don't get my money thats for sure.


I agree...she absolutely stunk. She had "deer in the headlights" eyes like she never performed live in her life. Thats the problem with pop music now. You need a bank of electronic gadgets to make you at least sound sellable


i totally agree with you stu. katy simply just didn't have it. she sounds awful live.


i love katy perry's recorded songs but her live performances are horrible. i've seen her perform in two ema's already and she was obviously nervous in both performances, her voice was awful, she didn't hit the notes, she couldn't even nail her own songs. taylor swift, rhianna & miley, even kesha are way better than her on their live performances..


Look first of all just about every singer doesn't sing that well live. I thought she did a great job and she needs to keep up the good work!!


Well, folks, you obviously did NOT see or hear Katy when she performed on SNL about a month ago...it was awesome...and it was definitely live, no doubt....she is great live, and some folks just are not "ON" 24/7....there are mitigating factors all the time with singers...there are many reasons why there may have been issues...soreness in the throat, a cold coming on (sometimes without the person realizing it), and many other things...but she does perform great live, so for this one, she is forgiven :-)


Why doesn't anyone around her let her know how bad she sounds live. She never sounds good, but always gets a pass because of her looks.. .don't know? I agree her songs are catchy, but she does not have the vocals to sing most of them. She needs to stop.


There's an old saying in Massachusetts. Could be in the south. But I know it's in Massachusetts that says...bless her lil heart.


She was terrible, it's a shame at how some of these performers are all show and when it comes down to actual talent there is none. Sorry Katy but you were terrible.