Katherine Jackson Kicks Out Malcontent Grandkids

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Katherine Jackson, the mother of the late Michael Jackson and the guardian of his three children, is about to clean house in more ways than one.

Renovations are being done and people are getting kicked out.

Prince Michael, Paris Jackson

Everyone is moving out of the Jackson compound in Encino, Calif., while the house undergoes extensive renovations. Some won't be returning.

PERSONA NON GRATA: That's Alejandra Jackson (left) with ex Jermaine.

Katherine Jackson and company are in the process of packing boxes and will leave the family home in early December for several months during remodeling.

The reason this is significant is that after the "stun gun" incident in March, when Jaafar Jackson tried to taser Blanket, Katherine wanted the teenager out.

More specifically, she wanted Alejandra Jackson and her four kids - two with Jermaine and two with Randy Jackson (yup, it's weird) - to beat it for good.

Katherine and the Michael Jackson Estate generously offered Alejandra and her brood a condo MJ owned in the San Fernando Valley, but she wanted more.

The sides were therefore at an impasse. Now Katherine is not letting Alejandra back in the house after the remodeling is complete. It's condo or nothing.

Basically, Jaafar, Jermajesty, Dante and Randy, Jr. aren't returning to Hayvenhurst. It was chaos and Katherine needs to focus on Paris, Prince and Blanket.

Probably for the best.


michael jackson was accept islam befor dath


Noone even ever heard of alejandra when mj was living.The brothers certainly didnt mention her to protect their family name.The children must despise her but what can they do.Do they see her? Katherine is doing a great clean up this rat must not be allowed to be in the surface of her son's estate,something she should have done before she hooked up with Jermaine.No one.Jermaine must have low sellf esteem to have had it on with her and then had two children in the same house.


Michael Jackson is sharing a can of "Jesus Juice" with Adolph Hitler right now : )


How quickly the story gets twisted. But you are a tabloid so it's to be expected. Katherine didn't want them out. Family Services told her the older grandkids had to leave. I know you only have limited space for your stories but at least TRY to get it right. The story was only reported in all legitamet news sources.


Just when i thought things couldnt get any crazier rip mj

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