Katerina Graham Covers Paula Abdul Classic

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Paula Abdul may be gone from the American Idol judging table, but her influence on pop music remains.

In the latest example of a current artist either honoring the past or disparaging it (you decide!), Vampire Diaries star Katerina Graham has remade Abdul's classic single, "Cold Hearted Snake."

Check out the singer's original music video for it HERE and then watch Graham in action. Whose version do you prefer?


When will people learn? NEVER mess with the original! And what's with the skintone honey..your BLACK.. embrace it!


I would call this a sample rather than a cover... The chorus is the only part that's the same.
Well, I'm not really the biggest fan of this. It's not great, but I don't hate it. I dunno. Some of the lyrics were kind of... Terrible. I didn't really understand the video, either. But she has a nice voice, and I think she did a good job singing this, although I'm not a huge fan of the song itself.


@Holla: Okay... click on the video you linked to on Perez. Click on this video. They are not the same video. Really not sure how else to put it.
One is some kind of remix. This one is the original music video as sent to us by Kat's publicist.


i don't particularly like the video. i feel like she's trying to sound too much like paula abdul and it's not really working. also the video makes no sense. it doesn't go with the theme. however, she does have a nice voice and if she does it right, she could make a little side career out of singing. but this was a miss for me


Really...? Perez is stupid as shit. I really dislike him. Giving gay people a bad name. Go home perez... And never come out! But anyway, about the Video. I liked it... But i like Paula's version better. Kat needs to stick with stuff like her song Sassy. It was better.


Personally, I think that if you are an artist you should do something on your own first to establish an identity instead of covering a song right off the bat. That being said, the song and video are garbage. Holla - Please go away, nobody cares if Perez Hilton had this or not. I don't go to his website because I am an A-List blogger not some d-bag Perez Hilton follower.


...or should i say, look it up, AGAINNNNN!?!?!


@Holla: That's not this video. But, again, we appreciate the feedback!


@holla: This video is not on Perez Hilton, but appreciate your readership!


perez send you this link..or u just shopping for post ideas on his website again.....geez, pitiful

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