Kate Gosselin: The Show Goes On!

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It's official. Kate Gosselin fans** everywhere can now breathe a sigh of relief.

** - If you can identify yourself as a Kate Gosselin fan, seek psychiatric help.

Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani Photo

Amid reports that she's an abusive monster facing financial ruin, she can rest assured that Kate Plus 8 and her new show, Twist of Kate, aren't being axed.

TLC STAPLE: Kate Gosselin remains one, rumors be damned.

Twist of Kate follows the single reality TV mom as she visits and helps families facing tough obstacles. That's pretty LOL-tastic, given her kids' rage issues.

As it turns out, the flurry of rumors about the shows getting the axe due to poor ratings are "100 percent not true," a rep for Gosselin confirmed to Us.

We just hope she helps families in need pinch pennies by feeding rotten food to their offspring. Hey, it's a recession, every little bit saved is critical.

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Kate has made a name for herself out of NOTHING. I admire this woman for being savvy and making a fortune out of being a mother of multiples. I've only watched a few minutes of her reality show and even though I don't care for it, I still feel that Kate is a smart business woman. It sucks that she associates herself with the Palin's. It makes my support for her go limp.


K-Ate- Go-Sellin ate all the finest food. Too bad doggie-bags were too good to feed her brood.


the obvious dislike of kate by thg is getting ridiculous - try to be a little bit unbiased, it is not your opinion we seek just the story


the obvious dislike of kate by thg is getting ridiculous - try to be a little bit biased, it is not your opinion we seek just the story


I will no longer watch any programs on TLC unless and until they decide to get the cameras off the Gosselins.