Kate Gosselin: The Show Goes On!

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It's official. Kate Gosselin fans** everywhere can now breathe a sigh of relief.

** - If you can identify yourself as a Kate Gosselin fan, seek psychiatric help.

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Amid reports that she's an abusive monster facing financial ruin, she can rest assured that Kate Plus 8 and her new show, Twist of Kate, aren't being axed.

TLC STAPLE: Kate Gosselin remains one, rumors be damned.

Twist of Kate follows the single reality TV mom as she visits and helps families facing tough obstacles. That's pretty LOL-tastic, given her kids' rage issues.

As it turns out, the flurry of rumors about the shows getting the axe due to poor ratings are "100 percent not true," a rep for Gosselin confirmed to Us.

We just hope she helps families in need pinch pennies by feeding rotten food to their offspring. Hey, it's a recession, every little bit saved is critical.


I'd bang her like a tight drum. I'd admire the top of her head as she cleaned out my pipes. Then bend her over and slam it where the sun don't shine. Both spots and tell her this is for how you treated Jon. Give it to her hard fast and long.


Leave the poor woman alone if you don't like her show don't watch it. I really like her show and her kids. I can't see Kate feeding her kids rotten food. I used to have to sit at the table until I ate everthing on my plate ( there were starving kids somewhere) and I'm still here. I think Kate tries hard to give her kids a good life on the other hand what does John do, WORK!! LOL


TLC needs to keep Kate on. They are The Learning Channel, afterall. Here is what you can learn watching Kate: Learn how to be a self-centered attention grabbing b*tch; Learn how to run everyday errands dressed like a streetwalker and how to ignore the rules of dressing age appropriately; Learn how to inject the word "I" as much as possible when speaking; Learn how to verbally, emotionally and psychologically abuse your children. Learn how to become a minor "celebrity" and have most of the world laughing at the trainwreck you have made of your life.


@Louis Halls: Is that you purse boy?


Leave Kate alone. If you do not like her, turn the channel. I think the children are adorable, well behaved and healthy. I think some of these stupid stories about them eating rotten food, etc. are just rumors. I remember her insisting on all food being organic. I don't think she would change so quickly just because she is famous. All you critics, get a life and watch the Big Bang Theory or something to your taste.


@galina: LOL! hard working???? You've got to be kidding! The woman doesn't lift a flippen finger other than to purchase items for herself. What a joke. I hope your kids turn out just like her. It's amazing that people cannot see through this woman. @Lovable: that goes for you too. That is not a job, that's exploiting children. When a parent has a job, they don't make money off the backs of their children and then live a lavish lifestyle, thinking only of themselves. That is selfish. Parents make sacrifices for their kids. What sacrifice has Kate Gosselin made????


a where is so called father of multiples? poor dump


I admire this women. Who can judge her? The girl has made a name for herself. Extrimely hard working person. I admire this woman for being savvy and making a fortune out of being a mother of multiples. Looks like some people are just envious persons and spitpoisons.


I'm with you Dave. TLC is blocked in my house until the Gosselin's are off tv.


Wow, I thought a good writer does not involve their own opinion or write something out of bias. Good for Kate that she has opportunities to support her children. We all know that their father won't get a job. Someone has to provide for them, and Kate has been the responsible one.

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