Kate Gosselin Makes Kids Eat Rotten Food

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No wonder her kids get kicked out of school.

You'd have rage issues too if your mom made you eat week-old food. That's just gross. But Kate Gosselin says she's trying to teach her brood not to be wasteful.

If they don't eat their lunch, Kate re-packs it up again. Instead of throwing away uneaten grub, "she repacks it for them in the next's day lunch," a source says.

Kate is Irate

SLAVE-DRIVER: Kate Gosselin is not messing around.

Those PB & Js can get a little gross after a week, though: "The kids are stubborn, so sometimes they kids have the same half-eaten sandwich in their lunch all week."

The 9-year-old twins and 6-year-old sextuplets get teased for musty sandwiches, too. "Some of the little ones cry, and some get angry and fight," a source adds.

Kate has been called a child abuser more than once in the recent past, and while her ex-husband Jon won't go that far, he reportedly isn't a fan of her frugal fits.

A pal overheard him dad quip: "If you lived with me, you wouldn’t have to eat bad food for lunch every day." True, but they'd get a heavy dose of mediocre girls.


Kate is scrutinized for everything she does because she has chosen to be in the public eye. Who are we to tell her how to raise her kids?IT IS NOT CHILD ABUSE!Where does this inside information come from, and why does everyone choose to believe it?


As if she can't afford more peanut butter!


I think that Kate should stop exploiting her children. Kate go back to work an let your kids have a childhood. They were not born to make you money as you think..


Has anyone seem Mommie Dearest? Joan Crawford reportedly did the same thing to her kids.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... @2:01

Patricia rathbun

I love how everyone blames Jon he was the only REAL parent these kids had. She is High Maintenance, and extremely self indulging, did anyone read what the Halloween was like its a crying shame,I had a serious UTI one year and I was still out there taking my daughter trick or treating. She does not need to have those kids she would still be a nobody if it wasn't for popping out babies that she doesn't even want, as for why she still has them look at other stars Lindsey Lohen and Paris Hilton if you are "famous" and have money you could murder someone and walk away from it. Jon needs to take these kids, better someone who is openly dating to her who is having an affair with her security guard, supposedly secreatly


She pays tooo much attention to herself because I see it.Not much left for her kids. There are other ways to teach your kids not to throw their food.It will cost her extra money when her kids get sick.


For Christ sakes, my mom use to me eat week old food too.


You all act like this is the most awful thing ever... Maybe it is for her because she self indulges... But there are those of us out there who do this to both ourselves and our kids (although generally doesn't last more than 2 days in my house) because we have NO MONEY and even though we work our bums off at full time jobs things like paying for car insurance and living miles from any transit authority and being unable to afford even the smallest rent make it a necessity for some of us. You guys need to get off your high horses!


If this or half of anything that has been said is true... Why does she still have her kids? I guess that once you're on TV you can get away with anything, including child abuse. What a lovely system we have set here in the good ol' US of A. Sickening.


LOL. My mom did this to me also. It didn't take me long to learn how to throw the food away BEFORE I came home. But folks, it is a lesson kids do need.


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