Kate Gosselin Makes Kids Eat Rotten Food

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No wonder her kids get kicked out of school.

You'd have rage issues too if your mom made you eat week-old food. That's just gross. But Kate Gosselin says she's trying to teach her brood not to be wasteful.

If they don't eat their lunch, Kate re-packs it up again. Instead of throwing away uneaten grub, "she repacks it for them in the next's day lunch," a source says.

Kate is Irate

SLAVE-DRIVER: Kate Gosselin is not messing around.

Those PB & Js can get a little gross after a week, though: "The kids are stubborn, so sometimes they kids have the same half-eaten sandwich in their lunch all week."

The 9-year-old twins and 6-year-old sextuplets get teased for musty sandwiches, too. "Some of the little ones cry, and some get angry and fight," a source adds.

Kate has been called a child abuser more than once in the recent past, and while her ex-husband Jon won't go that far, he reportedly isn't a fan of her frugal fits.

A pal overheard him dad quip: "If you lived with me, you wouldn’t have to eat bad food for lunch every day." True, but they'd get a heavy dose of mediocre girls.


@lauren: Oh you are soo wrong. Kate loves negative attention because to her its attention either way, good or bad. She would have disappeared by now. She is in her own narcisstic bubble or can't you see that. Lauren I hope you have a daughter just like Kate. One that has a brood of kids and sells her childrens privacy for fame. Would you like your daughter to be like her? If you answer yes you need your head examined. I guess privacy means nothing to you. Well privacy is a luxury and Kate does not need material things to survive. She can live on a hell of alot less. How do I know? Because I know several families that have 10 kids and do it. Why make excuses for her, she does a good enough job making excuses for herself. Her family is broken, destroyed, she has no friends. Don't you think its a little abnormal that she drove everyone away????


I want to make you eat rotten food, yell at you all the time for no good reason and leave you with nannies all the time so you know what your kids are going through you selfish bitch!! You can afford food for your kids, you just choose to go shopping for yourself, get your hair and nails done and fly all over the place to promote your crappy books!
AND TO LAUREN: I think she wants attention, anyway to stay relevant in the media cuz that is what is paying her way through life, like a job for the rest of us in the real world.
She chose to have her kids that she can not support, like Ocotmom. Great can't wait to see what they will be like when they are teens, now there is a reality show for you!


Seriously people do you really believe all of this BS? Don't you all have a life and realize that these mags write stuff that isn't true?????


Kate is just disgusting. She needs to put the diva away and get practical. I feel for her kids.


she makes me sick..she can spend $7000 on a freakin haircut, but doesn't want the kids to waste and makes them eat old leftover sandwiches?? she is a freakin diva and jon needs to take those kids away from her..she thinks she is some kind of queen and uses the kids to make her the money she has wasted..sounds to me like she needs some parenting classes..she needs to get off her wannabe diva lazy ass, get a real job to support her kids or let their dad have them..she thinks some knight in shining armour is gonna come along and save her , raise her kids while she's out thinking shes a star..she loves herself more than she loves her kids...what man would want her with 8 kids?? she so needs to get over herself..she is a nobody that had a bunch of kids on purpose just to exploit them for her own financial gain..period !!


i don't think she likes the negative publicity....or asks for it...how can she stop it? she doesn't walk away because she is caught in the mighty dollar at all costs trap. can she walk away? of course. will she? of course not. how could she provide for her 8 children if she did? but then she and jon probably wouldn't be divorced....ect ect....all sad to me. she and the kids deserve happiness. but you can't buy it, can you?


There are worse households out there than hers....imagine those kiddos who get hit with cutting boards, irons, wooden spoons, as well as the malnutritioned third world countries. Well u get the picture. Considering these other alternatives, they're fine. so yeah exploit those households/ countries instead; exploit the truth. Besides cps is worthless, they do nothing. They don't follow up, how u trust the govt when they do squat?


.Rotten does mean moldy and green doesn't it? Just a thought to ponder.... yes, she definitely needs to straighten out her priorities... I agree that there are better ways to handle eating situations... like eating it for snack and/ or dinner or no dessert, a logical consequence.


@lauren: You have to ask yourself why Kate loves all this negative attention or she would disappear with some dignity. She is pretty sick isn't she?


STOP bashing Kate. I'm going to stop reading your site because you are no different than rag mags...just putting stuff out to get the mighty dollar. good grief, there is no such thing as a perfect child. children get expelled. mother's make kids eat leftovers....give me a break....those kids are so healthy. leave kate alone. you've gone over the edge with your reports about her.


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