Kate Gosselin Makes Kids Eat Rotten Food

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No wonder her kids get kicked out of school.

You'd have rage issues too if your mom made you eat week-old food. That's just gross. But Kate Gosselin says she's trying to teach her brood not to be wasteful.

If they don't eat their lunch, Kate re-packs it up again. Instead of throwing away uneaten grub, "she repacks it for them in the next's day lunch," a source says.

Kate is Irate

SLAVE-DRIVER: Kate Gosselin is not messing around.

Those PB & Js can get a little gross after a week, though: "The kids are stubborn, so sometimes they kids have the same half-eaten sandwich in their lunch all week."

The 9-year-old twins and 6-year-old sextuplets get teased for musty sandwiches, too. "Some of the little ones cry, and some get angry and fight," a source adds.

Kate has been called a child abuser more than once in the recent past, and while her ex-husband Jon won't go that far, he reportedly isn't a fan of her frugal fits.

A pal overheard him dad quip: "If you lived with me, you wouldn’t have to eat bad food for lunch every day." True, but they'd get a heavy dose of mediocre girls.


Been reading posts about Jon and Kate for about three or four years , never seen the show ,it sure sounds like these two are a real POS but after reading diffent post , it seem that she is by far a real CU-T.I don't know if the kids would be better with the dad ,but it can't be that bad . or maybe the kids should be taken away , tell they have a stable home ,poor kids . He's a DICK HEAD but she is a CU-T .


The woman is a selfish pig. You don't see her eating rotten, moldy food.
Where is the State? Didn't the school report this to the authorities? She does not deserve these children and abuses them.


As a former single mom, I used to ask the kids to eat their left overs as an after school snack or no snack. I wouldn't dream of sending them off with old sandwiches I wouldn't even eat. As for Kate telling the kids they'd be going to hell for being bad - (another article I've read), well, if you were brought up strict Baptist as I was (and have since left), you are bombarded every service with the "blood of Christ", "hell and damnation", you can't enter Heaven with sin in your heart "as God cannot look upon sin", God sees all, etc., etc., etc.. I was praying all the time as a kid for forgiveness for trivial things as I was afraid of dying and not going to Heaven and burning forever in hell. She's not teaching the kids anything but what they'd learn going to church. Even though, that's cruel, untrue and just plain evil to teach that kind of doctrine.


my mother wantsto say why does certain people pick on kate because she tryin to do the best she can as a single mother why dont people pick on the duggers for all the kids they have she makes all the kids do all the work and babbysit each other while the parents take it easy plus every time you turn around she is pushing out another kid for the kids to take care of epessically the older girls..




I guess Kate has to find ways to save money so she can have more money for her private trainers, plastic surgery and money to take her vacations. Those kids need taken from her. They would have been better off with their dad instead of this idiot of a mother and the poor nannies that are working for her raising her brood.


she could crawl into my bed anytime


I think she's HOTTTTT


Have to wonder why the kids don't just toss the sandwich in the trash at school and come home with an empty lunchbox? Maybe too young to figure out how to get around Kate's rules..but they will..crazy rules breed dishonesty in your kids.


look at kate gosselin!! she looks like she does not care about her kids she looks like pamela anderson in this pic... we mothers are dissaponted about the way she Acts she should not focus on her fame and being pretty and all that stuff!! she's a mother for crying out loud! for god's sake she should be with her kids right now!


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