Kate Gosselin: Living Like Diva, Facing Fiscal Ruin!

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Kate Gosselin is spending money like it's going out of style.

The only problem? With eight children and the kind of lifestyle only the richest can afford, her reduced income can't match her diva-like spending habits.

This could explain the kids eating moldy sandwiches lately.

Kate Gosselin Can't Look

THE WELL IS DRYING: Kate Gosselin's still spending, though.

Kate the child abuser made a small fortune from her TLC show and Dancing With the Stars, but insiders say much, if not most of it has evaporated.

"Kate lives like she is a movie star," a friend tells PopEater. "She flies first class, stays at expensive hotels. She once spent $7,000 on a haircut!"

While Kate keeps living the diva life, all the lucrative deals she's tried to put together to earn the cash to keep it up seem to have fallen through.

"Kate was hoping to get paid to endorse a bunch of products," the friend reports. "She thought she would earn millions advertising baby carriages."

"The poor thing even thought she would get a deal with Cover Girl after being on Dancing With The Stars, instead they went with Beyonce."

LOL, Kate. Delusional much?

There's no end in sight, either. With eight mouths to feed, not to mention the new expense of having a home tutor for two of the sextuplets - after Collin and Alexis Gosselin's expulsion from private school - the bills keep piling up.

"Kate is so worried about her finances that she's even thinking about getting a real job," an insider says. Hey, it's not like she can count on Jon.


hi im jason how era you?.....merry xmas..........


kate is such an evil bitch........


she could always sell her kids!!! wait no one would want them. lolz


Isn't she one of the Jersey Shore crew?? Gym, tan, laundry, nails, hair extensions.... oh wait, this Kate PLUS EIGHT. (Like, the name of her show had her kids in it, and they aren't even TOP PRIORITY to her) Who's with me??


Man, This chick is so messed up. She just keeps getting worse, and worse, and worse. Doesnt seem to matter to her if the cameras are rolling or not. Shitty mother the whole way around. Feel so bad for the kids.


Leave her alone?? what the hell, that is the problem here in the U.S. everyone is scared to get involved in someone's "personal" matters. Well when you have children that you put out in the spotlight your life is no longer private. These children are going to be so messed up as adults unless something is done now....hope she saved some money for rehab...it is so sad. :(


and there are many many kids on television and on reality shows. Those kids are fine and exhibiting normal behavior for kids going through divorce. Seriously people stop hating.


Seriously people do you really believe all you read??


if she knew anything about what kids go through in divorces she would know that the kids suffer the most! regardless on how her and jons relationship was. my parents divorced but not me or my sibling s ever got kicked out of school for bad behavior. i'm a mom now too and there isn't anyway that i would make my son go to school with food that was a week old just because he didn't eat it at lunch time, sorry kate but that doesn't make any sense at all for u to do that to ur kids. you should think of their welfare before ur own if ur any kind of mom. quit spending money u don't have to spend. maybe quit putting ur kids on tv that could have an effect on them in a bad way, on that i agree with jon


leave her alone....... yaeh she might be giving her kids day old food nobody perfect....just because she in the public eye one little thing she dose wrong the press cove it its the wrost thing in the world .....she might seem like she a bad mom but she not if she if she was a bad mother she would have cousty of them ..... she has 8 childen and they have issues because of the divorce all kids are the same when perants divorce ........


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