Kat Von D Loses Cat, Home in Fire

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Kat Von D's life just went up in smoke.

The outspoken tattoo artist is mourning the loss of her cat Valentine, whom she lost in a house fire. "R.I.P. my little Valentine," she tweeted Sunday.

That's so sad, not to mention scary. The L.A. Fire department was called and arrived at 11:23 p.m. Sunday to battle what was a very strong blaze.

Kat Von D Fire

The cause of Kat Von D's house fire is still under investigation.

"Fire fighters encountered heavy fire with extreme smoke but they were able to knock down the fire," the captain said. "There was no one home."

"My house burned down last night with my cat inside," Von D, who has been dating Jesse James since August, explained early Monday morning.

"Finally get to sleep away the rest of today. Hope tomorrow is gentler," the L.A. Ink star said. "To gain everything, you must lose everything."

Good to see she's staying strong through this.


As aCAT LOVER---WTF !!! Was there NO ONE CARING for the CAT while
she was out of town?? I CANNOT BELIEVE ANYONE would LEAVE their cat
ALONE --then go away !! Also--HOW did it START ?? You know--there
even MORE Sorry for your poor Cat --RIP


That is such horrible news. I feel really sorry for Kat but admire her so much for continuing with her book tour and forever thinking positively. She is a true inspiration and I really hope she stays strong throughout this time. Love you Kat. x


I can't believe something like this happened. It's clear that somebody is hating on KAt and I'm sure set her house on fire. Whoever you are deserve to be punished. I hope they catch you. Hey Kat everything is replaceable and as far as Valentine, Its a shamed your pet had to be in the midst of it all. Valentine will always be with you in spirit. What doesn't kill us definitely makes us stronger.


Well at least she didn't have to smell the burnt cat hair smell since it didn't have any. P.S. I have a gas can and a box of matches for sell if anyones interested.


Losing a beloved pet is terrible. Losing a house is also. All of your possesions burned to the ground. I can certainly emphasize with her having gone through it myself.


Oh that sucks!! I know she loved that ugly thing.
Sorry for your lost, stay strong!!


kat sorry to heartthat happened to you but i cant believe your attitude and its heartbreaking but you are so strong on the outside i pray youll of course go on and be back and running likr your old side anyway good luck your a sweety


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