Kanye West Taken to Task on Today Show; Sort of Goes Off on Matt Lauer

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Kanye West simply cannot stay out of controversial situations.

Perhaps he's to blame for that, but to hear him tell it, the Today show to blame for his latest highly-publicized incident. Talking to Matt Lauer, the rapper empathized with President George W. Bush about being called racist.

The feud appeared to be over right then and there. However ...

VIEW FROM THE WEST: Kanye did not appreciate being put on the spot. Whether you agree with him or not, you can empathize with how rattled he seemed.

While pensive and contrite, Kanye became visibly upset when the show played, while he was speaking, two different clips: First, Bush expressing pain over West's remarks, and later, Kanye's infamous interruption of Taylor Swift.

This sent West off into a full-blown Twitter rant, it also has received heated reactions by fans on both sides. Did Matt and NBC take it too far in rehashing the clips? Or was this, as Lauer said, simply what the TV program does?

Follow the jump, watch Kanye on Today and see what you think:

After the fact, Kanye flipped out on Twitter, claiming Lauer "tried to force" his answers during Tuesday's sit-down. But Lauer stood by his interview, airing the entire segment just to prove that nothing was taken out of context.



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Who's Kanye West?


I never liked Kanye West before and I dislike the man even more now. He is a waste of time, I dont know why they even bothered having him on the show. He sickens me.


Not too long ago, West was declaring to all who would listen that he was going to take some well needed time off for reflection,
which at that time seemed like a ****splendid idea. Now after only a few short months,he is back on TV and blaming the media for
the very same issues that has come back to haunt him. He does not have creative control of The Today Show.It is a rare thing for a person to be able to respond to something on TV that has already been put out there.Kanye West was given a golden opportunity to do damage control,and as usual it all became about him,and mistreatment of him. By all indications, Mr. West should stick to making music,and get an official spokesperson to handle his publicity. With Kanye West's train of thought, his interviews and opinions should be kept in a well sealed envelope. ENUFF!!


Shame is a powerful emotion. And crippler.


Kanye West is the Racist, Kanye West can interrupt Taylor Swift on stage but Kanye did not appreciate being put on the spot or interrupted with the clip. AWW pore little suck suck Kanye hes a low life loser


Despite the rumors, Matt Lauer is still a NEWS person. He is supposed to ask questions, sometimes hard questions, and clips of Mr West being a dip-( ) is part of interviewing. I admdit he is a easy target. Perhaps he should stick with Hollywood Tonight for future interviews,such as "What is the most wonderful thing about yourself?" --"Can you REALLY count to seven! ! !"