Kanye West Taken to Task on Today Show; Sort of Goes Off on Matt Lauer

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Kanye West simply cannot stay out of controversial situations.

Perhaps he's to blame for that, but to hear him tell it, the Today show to blame for his latest highly-publicized incident. Talking to Matt Lauer, the rapper empathized with President George W. Bush about being called racist.

The feud appeared to be over right then and there. However ...

VIEW FROM THE WEST: Kanye did not appreciate being put on the spot. Whether you agree with him or not, you can empathize with how rattled he seemed.

While pensive and contrite, Kanye became visibly upset when the show played, while he was speaking, two different clips: First, Bush expressing pain over West's remarks, and later, Kanye's infamous interruption of Taylor Swift.

This sent West off into a full-blown Twitter rant, it also has received heated reactions by fans on both sides. Did Matt and NBC take it too far in rehashing the clips? Or was this, as Lauer said, simply what the TV program does?

Follow the jump, watch Kanye on Today and see what you think:

After the fact, Kanye flipped out on Twitter, claiming Lauer "tried to force" his answers during Tuesday's sit-down. But Lauer stood by his interview, airing the entire segment just to prove that nothing was taken out of context.



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i admire obama but certainly not bush. i think kanye west is a loser but matt is great.


Dragoness, my grip is firm and my opinion remains the same. You said there's nothing in Dragoness, my grip is firm! Bush presidency showed him as a racist based on actions not Dragoness, my grip is firm! Bush is a racist based on his lack of action not opinion. Two examples: 1). His response to Katrina was extremely slow as people were dying which happened to black or/and poor and some of those people still haven't recovered fully. 2). But most importantly, white citizens were able to get away with murdering innocent black people during Katrina. They knew Bush wasn't going to do anything about it so they went on CNN broasting about their killings. Killing innocent black people who were only seeking safety at higher grounds. So what did Bush do, absolutely nothing! Thank God for our current President under President Obama Admin. these people are being arrested.


The TODAY show isn't live. This was a taped interview so the video clips could have been edited in later rather it being played while the man was trying to apologize.


Hey Kat, You need to get a grip. There is NOTHING that has EVER shown Bush is a racist and quite frankly I am so SICK AND TIRED of all the RACIST CRAP! Did anyone call people that disagreed with Bush racist?! NO! Oh but if you disagree with our current president then it HAS to be racist?! That is what was being said! I don't judge on race but just how crappy a human being they are, and unfortunately the crappy humans have bred too much!


Yes, Bush is a racist! He also targeted Kanye to help promote his book. How do you redirect the negative attention away from yourself? You find another target by placing that negative attention onto someone else. Besides Bush who else is currently hated by many American especially among white Americans, Kanye West! Bush has always been great at maniputating the majority and when will you guys wake up.


I didnt vote for Bush but thought the racist remark was over the line, if he had said something like 'Bush doesnt care about New Orleans' I think that would have been more appropriate. We all know that if New Orleans had been Beverly Hills the response would have been completely different. About Swift, I have to agree with Kanye because Swift cant sing at all.


IF less really is best ... I'd like to hear and see a whole lot less of kanye west! He should be so embarrassed yet again.


Kanye has a right to be upset. If bringing up the past is the normal part of an interview why wasn't Bush's WMD's, lack of action during Katrina, Bank tarp video playing in his background. I'm sick of you racist people who are quick to label black as being wrong or bad! Plus, I have less respect for Matt for what he did to Kanye. Jada so why are here reading the article and posting a comment about Kanye!


Kanye is a jackass.


i think everyone always has something bad to say about kanye west no matter what he says. so i think he did a good jod not to get his words flipped around by the media this time. he is a good rapper and thats wat you dont ever hear about him, SO I LOVE KANYE WEST AND THINK HE IS A GREAT RAPPER!!!