Kanye West Goes on Insane Concert Rant, Possibly Compares Matt Lauer to Child Abuser

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Kanye West is out of his mind.

The rapper went on a VINTAGE Kanye rant last night in his New York concert, going off on everything from Taylor Swift and George W. Bush to the Today show.

Of the VMA debacle, he said "If I wasn't drunk, I woulda been on stage longer," then accused Swift of milking it, saying she "rode and rode" the wave of publicity.

Kanye is Krazy

Regarding the former President, West said his post-Katrina criticism of George Bush was "a BLATANT truth" ... then lambasted the media for demonizing Bush.

He also brought up the Today show drama again, reiterating his belief that Matt Lauer sabotaged him and ran a clip from his Q&A with Kanye out of context:

"Matt Lauer's not a bad guy I'm sure, but if you're a child being abused by a parent ... or a girl being abused by your boyfriend ... the greatest win that you could ever have is for that person to hit you in public. You SEE! YOU SEE! I TOLD YOU!"

Entertaining as he is, dude needs a whole team of psychiatrists ASAP. Watch the clip after the jump to see Kanye West's nine-minute tirade in all its glory:


Are you fucking kidding me. Kanye made a lot of sense in what he said here. He's not bagging on Bush he's defending him. He's showing that he's committed to accuracy more than ego. You fucking shallow retards just read what this bullshit blog wrote and regurgitated the same ignorance. What Kanye did with Swift was disrespectful but it was true. Beyonce had a better video and has already held up over Swift. Kanye claims to "keep it real" and he did do just that. He didn't do it very well but too many of you assholes are missing the fact that he's not full of shit. Also he's made an outstanding album 3 or 4 times now and seems to be the ultimate yin-yang, good/bad, poorly presented/perfectly self-produced celebrity of all time. If you take a step back you might just find that Kanye is right.


God, Kanye is such an ass. I remember a few months back he tweeted "Im gunna be the best rapper in the world" My arse mate!. Im sorry, but hes a guy who thinks he's everything just casue he's got money and fame. He has a fame for all the wrong reasons. Hes an arsehole. Even Obama said it! cant he just fuck of and leave the music industry alone. Hes shit, his music's shit, his attitude to others is horrible. Taylor Swift didnt harm anyone on the night of the VMA's and he stormed up there and took the mic, just because Beyonce didnt win?! what the fuck is wrong with him. Did he really think people where gunna let that pass. Hes a fucking arsehole who thinks the world revolves around him and it doesnt. Thank fuck people booed him at that thanksgiving parade. I hope to God he's realised his actions have coinsequences. I FUCKING HATE KANYE WEST!


Kayne has some issues, man.


For clarification purposes:
It is easy to have emotions for someone who has recently lost a
person as dear as a parent. Different people grieve in different ways,and there is an intention to understand another person's loss.
In the case of Mr. West, he had disappeared for a while,everything
was quiet, and all was right with the world,and then, bam, suddenly he reappear on the scene,and it's time to be crazed again. There is no time limit on grief, if he needs more time to evaluate where he is headed,get a gripe, stop picking fights with others, and then blame them when it backfires on you.


Junior! Where are you? There's another black man that needs to be defended against whitey! They're over here telling the truth about Kanye. Hurry, say something pro black about wanting to be treated equal, but yet then you'll say something that puts down the entire white race. Now Junior is that really equality?


if thats for a cry for help he's doing it well and if he's crying for help and to a mic away from taylor swift then that means he is crying for help you got to help yourself then someone will help you i don't like taylor either but she needs to stand up for her self and get over it so does kanye get over it im so damn tired of hearing it?


one of the former president george w bush regret when he hold power is kanye west of his statement of post kathrina diseaster, wow


I need to say something but it doesn't get much better than this. The epitome of Kanye right there!!




d-bo419 stole my mammas chain man!!! LOL

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