Justin Bieber to Ellen: Selena Gomez is Sweet, Bullying Is Not

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It must be Impressive Young Artists Week on Ellen.

First, the show gave a platform to Willow Smith, who blew us away with a rendition of "Whip My Hair." Watch it NOW.

Then, earlier today, Justin Bieber appeared alongside Ellen DeGeneres and touched on issues from dating to bullying, the latter of which is relevant these days due to the sad circumstances surrounding Demi Lovato. Excerpts are below...

Justin Bieber fans simply must watch how this artist shocked Ellen attendees on today's show. Check it out now!

Does he ever date? "[It's] very hard but, you know, it happens. I like to hang out with girls and date and stuff like every other 16-year-old."

On attending a football game with Jaden and Will Smith and Selena Gomez: "It was weird.  No one bothered me at all. We were at a high school game and [Selena] came too. It was the weirdest thing. She's sweet. She's a sweetheart."

On bullying: "If you are a bystander you definitely should help out because it could be you next. Everybody goes through bullying. Everybody has, even me.

"On my Youtube page there are so many haters. They just say crazy stuff. Like, I'm not mad. I'm 16 years old and I don't have chest hair and I'm not angry about it at the moment. That will come. People are like, 'Look at him he puts helium in his voice before he sings.' You just have to laugh at yourself. It's funny."

Watch Justin's interview below and try not to overly swoon. That's bad for your back.


ola justin mi sueño es conocerte y ojala llegues a peru.estoy segura que te quedaras facinado de lo bello q es este pais


sabes...... jamas escuche hablar de vos entre de por casualidad.... te digo algo?? ..... eres lindooo!!....nose eres como distinto... osea obvio eres cantante por lo que parece...al tema ..... solo te diré algo aunque no se quien eres.....te digo que: ViVe Tu ViDa De FoRmA QuE cUaNdO cReScAs JaMaS tE aRRePiEnTaS:Y JaMaS Te KeJeS pOr Un DiA dE tU ViDa _ y QuE JaMaS tE pIeRdAs PoR la ViDa...
CoN cArIñO _


Omg this kid is the man! lol I


Hola,Justin se muy bien que no sabes español..Pero vengo aqui para decirte tambien que TE QUIEROO UN MUNDOOOOO...ii qe mi sue~o tambn es poder conocerteee....Cada noche en mis sueños te veo y te siento de esa manera se que sigues lejos..Att.Karliitah de PUERTO RICO.!


lo que mas me gusto entre todas las fotos fue la de justin bieber


hola justin eres un bonbon y la que tiene tu corason es dichosa porque si yo lo pengo no te dejaria salir


hola justin sos re lindo y el sabado 13 de noviembre es mi cumple


hayyy .............gue fanss brat qmu mau gux qmu jdi tmen curhat qwh


nice pice


te amuh de maissss msm

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