Justin Bieber Angers X Factor Viewers, Accused of "Terrible" Miming

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After spending Thanksgiving in New York City, Justin Bieber crossed the Atlantic this weekend and gave fans in Great Britain a treat...

... but many felt as if they'd been tricked.

The 16-year old icon performed on X Factor in England, though the Twitter-verse lit up soon after his appearance with talk that Justin ripped off British viewers by "miming" his renditions of "Baby" and "Somebody to Love." Tweeted a couple followers:

I am a massive fan of Justin Bieber - just pretty gutted he mimed on The X Factor!... Justin Bieber = Justin Mimer! Terrible performance on X Factor!

Do you agree with these assessments? Watch the following performance video, which is followed by an interview Bieber gave on the show:


personally, justin beiber is not my thing, BUT i do have to defend him and say that i have seen some of his live stuff and he really can sing! keisha is just god awful in everything ive seen her do! but hes 16 for crying outloud! im sure his vocal stamina can only hold up so much.sometimes you need a break.


Guys, give him a break. Im a huge Bieber Fan. He's sick! And not only that, but we all know he can sing AND he has been on tour. You know how hard being on a world tour is?! Especially for your voice! Give him credit. Hes beyond amazing. Hes not like miley cyrus who cant sing worth crap and got famous off of her daddy. he got big on his own! He was found off youtube. And tbh hes the most sweetest down to earth kid ever! STOP THE BIEBER HATE


just to mention again – if youve seen justin's earliest vids you wouldve known and thought that he can really sing. in fact, he's going through puberty now and it makes it hard for him. his voice is changing and you cant blame him. so what if he mimed? we know he has talent so we're equally impressed by his dance performance. the "massive justin bieber fan" is just one of his fans. his other fans dont think it's terrible at all! they all understand he needs a break sometimes. he has seriously been working really for his fans, his family, his friends, and himself


@Julia, yes, generations have all complained, but this is, literally, the first generation where a singer no longer needs to be able to sing, thanks to technology. We have sunk so low that we no longer complain that a singer's miming, but that he's miming badly. There's something so fundamentally wrong with this situation that I don't know what more to say :/


@Keisha Don't worry about your kids. They're too young to really care about who can actually sing. They'll form their music tastes as they get earlier. The "OMG, musicians these days suck" argument happens every generation, but no kids are permanently harmed from being infatuated with someone at an early age like that. Speaking from personal experience, I was obsessed with boy bands ten years ago, but I developed better music tastes and the boy bands have died out. Bieber and Ke$ha's popularity will wane too.


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