Justin Bieber Angers X Factor Viewers, Accused of "Terrible" Miming

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After spending Thanksgiving in New York City, Justin Bieber crossed the Atlantic this weekend and gave fans in Great Britain a treat...

... but many felt as if they'd been tricked.

The 16-year old icon performed on X Factor in England, though the Twitter-verse lit up soon after his appearance with talk that Justin ripped off British viewers by "miming" his renditions of "Baby" and "Somebody to Love." Tweeted a couple followers:

I am a massive fan of Justin Bieber - just pretty gutted he mimed on The X Factor!... Justin Bieber = Justin Mimer! Terrible performance on X Factor!

Do you agree with these assessments? Watch the following performance video, which is followed by an interview Bieber gave on the show:


People just shut-up its no big deal at least he can sing alot of other famous people dont even sing they just lip sing and its not that big of a deal he did it once give him a break he is still singing just his cd is in the background and he can sing and dance perfectley at the same time ive been to one of his concerts and sang live and danced some of those hard dance moves but he has been sick (he put that on his twitter) and i bet all u haters r just jelus he is an amazing singer and dancer u haters r just stupid and must have alot of time on your hands to put hateful words on these things when u no it dosent get to him he dosent care about the haters so just give him a brake and i bet half the guys in this world havent gone threw puberty and r 17 or 16 well he is going threw it right now so just leave him alone ok!


Since these stupid kids today want a circus act instead of a concert, performers have to endure these ridiculous dance routines onstage, complete with CG effects, smoke & mirrors. It's hard to sing (especially if you're no Johnny Mathis) and dance like a gibbon at the same time. Not to mention that all these songs are recorded in 3,4, 5 separate parts so there's no way the artist can recreate the sound in concert. Shut up and scream, little girls. Adults...go to a jazz club if you want to hear music.


erm so...it was a great performance and its hard to dance and sing at the same time. many other famous stars do that once in a while. his great and bout miley,she didnt became famous bcuz of her dad. although he did help her a little as he had fans but miley became famous becuz of hannah montana a hit series on disney


Ok u knw wat THATS ENOUGH,jst liv da poor guy alone..dnt u hev lyfs 2 liv n faults in ur lyf 2 fix..gosh,wat da f*ck is rong wit u ppl? If u hev nthn gud 2 say bout hm jst shut da hel up n liv hm 2 liv hs lyf,u shud b grateful he even did da stupid performance anyway,wat wer u gona say if he ddnt do it n nw he dd n ur sayin sh*t bout hm,derz jst no pleasin u guys.if u dnt lyk jb plz kip it 2 urselfs,we dnt wana hear it.so wat if he did mime,wat r u gona do bout it? Diz jst proves hw stupid u ol r.


What is wrong with some of you people? I don’t care what you call it, lip sinking or miming. He should have sung LIVE. Stop making excuses for him about it being hard to dance and sing at the same time, if he cant manage both then he should try to minimise his dancing. This is X factor, where all the contestants manage to sing live, and Justin Bieber is supposed to be the professional. He should be ashamed of himself for miming. Instead of getting Justin Bieber over to the UK they should have put his face on a big screen and pressed play on his CD.


Justin bieber is a fag...finally (s)he is going thru puberty and is getting a broken voice...at what 17 ???? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL hes a sad kid and when his voice breaks the faggit is going to lose his job lolololol


I'm not a Justin Beiber fan, however, I'd say that was a great performance. Who cares whether or not he "mimed" or sang live? He put on a great show. I would not have been dissappointed.


justin is so hot i love his interview with x facter i love his outfit its looks so hot on him


And futher more i dont think he was lip sycning in baby he might have been in somebody to love but he didnt do it the whole time so leave him alone ugh


@Taryn Cooper Actually miley cyrus got that part because of her dad she had to try out 5 times to actually get it and her father kept helping her out.


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