Justin Bieber Angers X Factor Viewers, Accused of "Terrible" Miming

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After spending Thanksgiving in New York City, Justin Bieber crossed the Atlantic this weekend and gave fans in Great Britain a treat...

... but many felt as if they'd been tricked.

The 16-year old icon performed on X Factor in England, though the Twitter-verse lit up soon after his appearance with talk that Justin ripped off British viewers by "miming" his renditions of "Baby" and "Somebody to Love." Tweeted a couple followers:

I am a massive fan of Justin Bieber - just pretty gutted he mimed on The X Factor!... Justin Bieber = Justin Mimer! Terrible performance on X Factor!

Do you agree with these assessments? Watch the following performance video, which is followed by an interview Bieber gave on the show:

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who is the hottest singer ever? Justin Drew Bieber of course!!!! he is the hottest thing on the planet besides fire!!! oh wait hes hotter than that 2!!!!


He only mimed because he was dancing and he would run out of breath plus he was probably jet lacked!! It was amazing anyway so well done justin again!!!! xxxx


Really??? That was an amazing performance. His dancing was incredible and I would have loved to be there even if he was lip syncing!! If you follow Justin or any of his crew on twitter you would know that they have all been pretty sick lately!! If he did lip sync maybe its because his voice is strained from being sick and he is in the middle of a tour and cant afford to do more damage to his voice. Justin has a crazy schedule that would be tough for an adult much less a teenager. I have seen Justin live in concert and he is amazing. He dances and sings!!! so give him a break and realize there must be a reason. Don't be so judgemental people!! I know not everyone loves Justins music but why hate him or be just plain mean...just don't listen if you don't like.


What the heck are people complaining about? That was awesome! I loved it! So what if he MIGHT'VE been lip singing?!?!?! it's not the end of the world. I'm a huge Bieber fan and just so long as he puts on an amazing show I'm good. I like how you're getting mad at a 16 year old who I honestly think is going through puberty right around now and saying it was a bad performance. I liked it! I love him and he's doing an amazing job. Go Bieber!


Instead of playing a judge and judging the poor kid why not try to find out why he did it.there is a reason why and you have no right to judge him.


This has passed immaturity n stupidity.why cant you just let it go? Yah,we got it,you hate justin but so wat,he doesnt care.it aint hurting any1 but you,his fans dont care infact they even love him more! Derz no need to be jealous of 1's success..wherever justin is right now you're the last thing on his mind. Why be jealous coz the kid knows what he's doing and he's doing it grate,if you dont like him just shut up and listen to beyonce or lady gaga and leave him alone.by the way a little advise 'jealousy is a disease,get well soon b*tch.


"Name me one singer who dances and sings live at the same time? There aren't any" That is utter BS. Beyonce, Usher, Neyo, Rihanna... there I've named four already and I could go on. The ones I have named don't lip sync, they have background music and vocalist and when they need to breath they take the mic away and not FAKE it like SOME people do. Get it right mate.


Omg really you damn haters? ive been through some stuff like that where i would have to lip sing. its a LOT harder than you losers think it is. so grow up. love to see you try it~ go sing "Baby" while dancing like crazy (really well) then go into "One Time". Oh and after, do some Black-Eyed Peas. And keep dancing.


Name me one singer who dances and sings live at the same time? There aren't any. Let's be real anyone would sound 'out of breath' doing backflips and trying to sing at the same time. Everyone from Madonna,Shakira,Beyonce, Usher to Miley lip sync/mime. Some are just better at it than others but to think that it isn't done is ridiculous!This is 2010 you'd think he did something 'naughty'! Grow up