Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Spotted... Holding Hands!

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It might be too soon to label them as Bomez or Sieber (Jelena, perhaps?), but Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted at Menchie's this week, a frozen yogurt shop in Encino, California.

Innocent enough on its own? Maybe. But consider these facts:

  • Justin told Ellen DeGeneres this week that Selena was a "sweetheart."
  • When the pair exited the store, a witness said Gomez "grabbed Justin's hand to pull him out of the store and they held hands as they left."
  • Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhall were also seen getting ice cream together, and we all know the rumors circulating around these two.

These are just a few basic points. Make of them what you will and then decide: Do you wanna see Bieber and Gomez as a couple?

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haha i think that the courtship that have selena and justin bieber are only for famous together they gonna have more famous and i think that justin bieber didnt like selena gomez she is so ugly and justin bieber have likes more sophisticated and more pretty like me!!::)


Justin Bieber and selena gomez will not make a great couple.Because justin Bieber is way to hot and selena gomez is pretty but she would not be a good couple for justin bieber.


u 2 wolud go really good but r u the same age? xxx


to johncarlo selena gomez obviously does want to be with justin or why would she be with him durr how think are you and you just stoop so low :@


I hate gomes,,and i love jb.,
Im jealous


hahahah me n me lil cuzin r readn di n she cmes ou wif a weird/funny comment hahaha she sed der hair colours dnt match hahahaha mad shes just mad but anyhoo i tink they look alree together there cute ha all the best to them xxxxxxx:D ps shes mad n lovee katie(me) n rachel(da mad 1) ha :Dxx


this is going to sound weird, but.. didnt justin like black girls? :L i always thought he went for them. plus ryan (butler) once said he liked white girls, justin liked black girls and chaz was gay xDD anyways selena seems like a wonderful girl. she seems really down to earth, and not to add, shes a stunner. like no joke. so yeahh every fan has the pinch of jealousy within them but im happy for them if theyre dating, they look cute! :)


Nnnnoooo I hate Justin n I live Selena Gomez.. Selena is 2 years older than him n he us all over her. Beiver should get a life cuz she dnt want him. Selena Gomez would be better off wit me n I'm 4 years younger than her


NNNNNNNOOOOOOO, my favorite celbrity, slena gomez, is with the elf or shall i say 'baby' dating and holding hands( i hate juusstinn beibbber)


Nooooooooooooo, Justin Bieber should not be with Selena Gomez she is way to old for him he is only 16 she is 18! Wait to years already!!!!!!!!!! P.S.- Respect your ELDERS!!!!!!!!!!

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