Joy Pierce: Shacking Up with Bruce Beresford-Redman

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Up until his arrest for murder this week, former Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman had been living with his mistress.

Soon after Bruce was considered a suspect in the April death of Monica Beresford-Redman, whose body was found in a sewer near the Cancun resort where this couple had been staying, sources confirmed that he'd been sleeping with a woman named Joy Pierce.

Now, a new report states these two had been residing in Bruce's Southern California home together for months, throughout the police investigation into his role in his wife's death.

"Joy has been spotted as recently as last week at a house that Bruce owns," a local told Radar Online. "The fact that Joy had been living in the house is a slap in the face to Monica's family."

Those close to the Bruce and Monica say the affair had leaked out, but the latter wanted to save her marriage.

“That’s why they went to Mexico - because she decided she wanted to try and reconcile the marriage and she believed he was done with the other woman,” said Carla Burgos, Monica’s sister, soon after her sibling was killed.

Bruce was a producer on the former boxing reality show The Contender and met Joy, who worked as the casting director, during that series' filming.

Now in custody, Beresford-Redman is expected to fight extradition to Mexico.


Joy pierce is ugly. She is stupid too.


Ted, You must not have been reading too much about this case if you don't believe he did it. OR perhaps you don't care if he did it. BBR is at last where he should have been a long time ago.
I just hope the kids end up with Monica's sisters rather than BBR's parents who clearly did a lousy job the first time around.
Joy Joy isn't worth commenting about - first place being with another woman's husband isn't the brightest path but then living with him after he murders his wife is just plain insanity. She obviously isn't a rocket scientist.


whats so unusual of a guy living with a woman hes met and wants to spend time with after his wife is murdered.
this is just typical hollywood stuff and 2 witches with the kids and the dead sisters money on a witch hunt for justice
i dont believe he did it at all but if he goes to mexico i dont beleive he ll get a fair trial especially considering he left the country after being told not to
if he wasnt famous none of this would even be written about

@ ted409

thx so much im so glad you have sympathy! im the child of the couple and it makes me so happy to hear that! btw he definetly did not do it, I WAS THERE!


Old Joy is a piece of work wouldn't you say? Bruce is an arrogant, narcisstic, sociopathic murderer and who knows what joy joy is. too bad the children are stuck with his parents.


Finally something is going to happen to that SOB. JP is a woman with no morals, how shameful of that. That says a lot about her upbringing and parents.....


Bruce is a pig. Hope he ROTS IN HELL! Hopefully someone kicks his ass in jail, especially for bringing his kids back shirts that said, "My Daddy killed my Mommy in Mexico and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" RIP Monica- we all are so sorry you gave your life for this POS!!!