Joe Jackson: I'd Beat Michael All Over Again

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Okay, our headline above is a bit misleading. Joe Jackson did not say this verbatim, but reading between the lines a bit ... that's pretty much exactly what he said.

On the same day as Michael Jackson's "Breaking News" hit the Internet, his family continues to make news for reasons entirely unrelated to his musical legacy.

Joe Jackson simply will not go away.

As part of Oprah's controversial interview with Michael Jackson's folks and kids, Joe says he never beat MJ ... he used a strap. And y'know what? He'd do it again.

Sounds to us like splitting hairs. Unless you're on the business end, in which case you're getting whooped, no matter the terminology. What an awful person.

You can follow this link to watch Oprah, who was as surprised as we were that Joe even showed his face, call out Joe. We'll have the full interview up ASAP.


Smacking is ok, using a strap? Not sure. It's hard to tell unless you know him personally.


i don't believe beatin but i believe a whipping they are 2 dierffent things beating is with your fisit and with something whipping is with your hand on their butt


The problem with kids today is parents are soooo afraid of 'whooping' them and give them 'time outs' instead. What the hell is a time out??? When I was young, if I was dumb enough to talk back to my parents, another elder, a teacher, etc., I would promptly get my butt handed to me. And you know what? I grew up respecting my parents, elders, teachers, etc. Kids need to have a healthy fear of their parents. Too many parents today want to be their children's friends. My mother was my mother and my father was my father. They were there for me when I needed to talk about anything, I was incredably close to both of them, but that line was distinct and clear - always. Sorry, I will get off my soapbox now, this topic just drives me crazy.


You guys are such liars...that man said that he dont regret whippin his kids because that is what made them successful stars...i watched it on oprah and yall b twistin sh#*t wth.


some one needs to beat you joe, now we know why michael left you out of his will...

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