Jimmy Fallon, Bruce Springsteen Channel Willow Smith, Perform Acoustic "Whip My Hair"

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The great Bruce Springsteen joined host Jimmy Fallon, who does an amazing Neil Young impression, for a cover of "Whip My Hair" on Late Night last night.

It is nothing short of epic.

Dressed as Young and evoking the crooner with each word and mannerism, Fallon's "Whip My Hair" felt straight out of the '70s, decades before Willow Smith graced this planet. The Boss rocked a Born to Run-era beard for the occasion, too:


i thought this skit is truly funny! it brought out how music today that is being played-has no substance or lasting appeal. this generation has completely ran out of ideas or anything to discuss. basically this generation is full of sampling and biting from the true musicians. the musicians of past had something to fight for or against opposed to the spoil brat generation who has been handed everything. -THE END xD

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