Jessica Simpson or Nick Lachey: Whose Relationship Will Last Longer?

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Nearly five years after Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey divorced, both stars got engaged this month and are totally ready for their second marriages.

Nick and Vanessa Minnillo announced their news November 1. Then, this Sunday, we learned that Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson will wed as well.

The way marriages go nowadays, particularly in Hollywood, you can't help but wonder if either will make it. Who do you think stands the better chance? 

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson Picture

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are getting hitched. To other people.

As for the obligatory rumor that Jessica got engaged just to "keep up" with Nick (you know someone will report this), a source says Johnson "had been planning the engagement for awhile and the date was very special to them."

Bottom line: We wish both couples the best and hope they both last forever. But it's far from a given. Which union do you think will last longer?


Jessica, you are supposed to trade UP not down when going for #2.


I must say that jessica is a dumb ass this shows it to well i mean even if she didnt do tha bs on purpose u would think that she would atleast wait for awhile to announce it...i mean she deserves whatever is said to her she should have known that that rumor was going to come along...and i personally do NOT think its a rumor she probably did she always is about doing better than those she knows ... Tha sad thing is she never does ...i believe nicks love will last way longer n nick and jesses marriage happened to fast nick didnt relize what a dumbass she was and she apperently doesent eitheir or she would have never allowed that show to happen cus it made her look dumb as hell i actually liked her till that show....and lets try and be honest nick was out tha fame life untill he married jess and one more thing neither one has been much for awhile so wtf?


It's pathetic that she got engaged as soon as she found out Lachey got engaged. Lame!!!! Gosh, Jess. Lose some weight and get back to doing whatever it was you did before, that way you wouldn't have to be sitting around concocting stupid plans to stay in the limelight like a Z grade celebrity like any of the Krapdashian's....


Ppl are quickly judging Jessica for announcing her engagement to Eric Johnson as if she planned it herself. She didn't propose to herself , he did. Obviously , he wants to marry her. He's the one that bought the ring for her and popped the question without force!! The media is so stupid when it comes to certain celebrities , always trynna put them down and diss them. None of us would want to be scrutinized the way they are if the tables were turned. Who cares if they last or not , as long as they're happy and in love everything should fall into place as tomorrow is not known.


Vanessa and Nick's relationship has been on and on,and on an on,and has long been taken as a serious hook-up.
Any goof who marries dimwitted Jessica is headed for a bumpy ride.
Jessica's father business sense has asssured her as a successful businesswoman,but Jessica falls in and out of love too quickly to be serious about marriage especially so soon after Vanessa and Nick's announced engagement.


Nicks and Vanessas


who cares!

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