Is This Kim Kardashian's First Single?

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Fact: Kim Kardashian is recording an album.

Possible fact: the first single from it is posted below.

While some outlets claim the following single, "Shake," is Kim's first foray into the pop world, other sources deny the reality star is actually on vocals.

We're torn.

It does seem sudden for Kim to already have put together a song - but anything she releases will just be done through Auto-Tune anyway, so how difficult can that be to arrange? Moreover, "Shake" would be an appropriate title, wouldn't?

This is someone who is only famous because she essentially shook her backside for Ray J while he tapped it on video. What do you think? Is it Kim?

** UPDATE: Kim says it is NOT her.


Not Britney. Not Kim.
Anything Kim records will be boring and auto-tuney, I agree. But it isn't this, I'm sure.


that sounds nothing like Kim....its NOT her!!

Jennifer miller

I think she needs to stick to modeling. This song sucks.


ppl don't knock britney down i think britney is way better then kim i bet her videos going to be slutty


Ok Britney is way better. This sucks.


i kinda like it but i definitely do not think that it is Kim singing.


Yeah that could be her, her voices doesnt sound bad, but you can tell it was digitally altered, a lot! There are no real strong vocal skills, but im sure this will be played in clubs and props to her for getting her money. Unfortunatly though, this is where the music industry is heading, it's not about the music, it's all about money..sad because there are really talented people out there that would kill to have that chance and they never will.


It's like watching money sing. No talent, this only is because of money, nothing else.


I love it!


no way shes better than britney spears but she looks kinda nice at the starting pic. but win britney no way gal...


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