Invited to Thanksgiving: Taylor Swift and Beyonce!

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Will you be inviting Taylor Swift to Thanksgiving this year?

On the night of November 25, the singer will be featured on an NBC special, as she belts out renditions of “Mine,” “Sparks Fly,” “Story of Us,” “Enchanted,” and “Speak Now" from various locations. One of them will be a rooftop in NYC, as previewed in the rehearsal photo here:

This program will treat viewers to a behind-the-scenes look at Swift’s world, from recording in the studio to signings autographs for fans to avoiding paparazzi on the streets.

But the special will also have some serious competition: ABC is planning a Beyonce feature for the same night. It will include appearances by Jay-Z and Kanye West and is previewed below: Which of these singers will you invite over for the holiday?


@ Jaden If you dont like her thats fine but leaving bad comments wont do anything but piss off taylor swift fans. (message to all haters)
Taylor swift can sing. FACT. Boy people can be such douche-bags online, huh? Get a fucking life and do something less pathetic. I'm tired of reading all the shit people say on every fucking article, just buzz off you stupid fucking fags.


I like Taylor Swift. It used to be a singer/songwriter just stood there. She uses every bone in her body to perform. She even uses her hair! And unlike Lindsay Lohan and others her age, she seems determined not to let it all get to her.


Our family won't be watching. Thanksgiving in our home is a day to give thanks for all of our blessings. Viewing an artist who the media loves to promote and who's vocal abilities are unpleasant to our ears just will not fit into our celebration.


I don't understand why every piece of news on Taylor NOT SO Swift has to be covered and yet Carrie Underwood's release of Narnia's Soundtrack and it's Oscar-worthy buzz isn't? THG SUCK!


"as she BELTS out renditions of “Mine,� “Sparks Fly,� “Story of Us,� “Enchanted,� and “Speak Now" from.." HAH! "belts out"... Those word can only be used on people who can actually BELT, wait.. SING!! TS can do neither. Fact.

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