Inside the Explosive Cyrus Family Fight: What Led to Divorce?

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Rumors of an affair between Tish Cyrus and Bret Michaels have faded away, as both side immediately shot down this silly talk.

But The National Enquirer has come out with a new basis for Tish's recent divorce from husband Billy Ray, a split that could find the ex-couple battling over close to $100 million.

cyrus split

Billy Ray looked cool and collected at the CMAs this week. But that was apparently not the case last month.

The break-up is allegedly the result of a furious fight between the pair, as the tabloid claims Billy Ray grounded Miley Cyrus for talking back to him.

Tish intervened, reportedly undermined her husband - and the result was a rage-filled Billy Ray trying to knock down his wife's bedroom door out of anger for her actions.

"Billy screamed terrible things at Tish," says an insider. "Tish locked herself in her bedroom to escape Billy Ray's wrath. And he pounded on the door screaming: 'Come out here and talk to me, bitch! You let everyone run wild when I'm not here! It's going to STOP!'"

As always, it's important to point out the questionable source here. But it's also important to remember: The National Enquirer was actually, incredibly nominated for a Pulitzer Prize this year, based on its accurate reporting of the John Edward/Rielle Hunter affair.

Does that mean every story it reports on is valid? Not even close. But it does mean we need to take its accusations a bit more seriously than we did in the past. Are you buying this one?


Sorry to disappoint, folks, but the truth is BRC found me, Miley, and Tish in bed together enaged in a three-some of epic proportions. Miley's ok, with her tight little bod and all. But the real prize is Tish - she's a minx for sure!


whatever outcome from this will scare the shit out of me


I don't believe the story it's just stupid gossip as usual. To the commenters (haters) #4 Mikaila SLUTS always accuse others of being SLUTTY and to #2 Justin you are a PERVERTED DOUCHE BAG!!


From the music of Singer Charlie Rich,"no one knows what goes on behind closed doors". We may never know,and don't really need to know the 411. With younger children other than (almost 18 year old)Miley, hopefully the grownups will be able to settle their differences among themselves without making their lawyers wealthier.


I heard the argument was over Billy Ray seeing a video/DVD of Miley having sexual intercourse and her fellating black guys in a room at the Holiday Inn.


no...nah ah....that's bull...none of that would anyone know this unless some dumby reported it and the only who couldve heard was miley or tish and billy and noah and ect or some friends and they wouldnt tell


I'm just glad. Miley is not a good example for all the little girls in the world in my opinion, and she is turning into a little....okay, maybe I shouldn't say this as a 100% MC hater, but she has turned into a little slut. I do understand that she is like 18 and can do whatever she wants, but that's just my opinion. I understand this because my parents are also divorced, so........


oh dear, the global inquirer must be pushed for columns today


This IS between the family, but get real. Brett Micheals VS Billy Ray. If this is true, is this woman nuts. I mean this is Billy Ray, GORGEOUS BILLY RAY. Just look at the history of both of these men. It's no contest. Brett Micheals is a man whore.


Seriously? It's a sad situation and we all wonder why, but it's between them. How far do we go with celebs as to why their marriages don't work. It's their business and no one elses. They are getting a divorce, end of story move on.

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