Insane Producer Swears: Michael Jackson is ALIVE!!!

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Music producer Teddy Riley has serious issues ... with the fact that people just ASSUME Michael Jackson is dead. Come on, people, it's a conspiracy!

Riley, who worked with MJ all the way to the end - or WAS it the end?! - has reignited a conspiracy theory after Tweeting that he believes he's alive.

Where is he? How would he possibly live in secret even if he did fake his own death successfully? Why would he abandon his kids? Not explained.


Wherever Michael Jackson is, Teddy Riley wishes him the best.

Riley worked with MJ on his Dangerous album and produced the (possibly) late singer's controversial song "Breaking News" on his upcoming Sony album.

Riley wrote, "If people can think Elvis is still alive why the F#*@ I cant [sic] think Michael is still alive." Truly, no one can argue that kind of sage wisdom.

A fan then wrote to him: "Akon said he believes Michael is in hiding and will be coming back one day. Im curious to know what ya think bout that."

His take: "AKON IS MY FRIEND AND WE THINK ALIKE." Enough said.


I also believe that Michael is alive


J'ai toujours cru en Michael and I'll always believe in Michael Jackson.Love you moreover eternity Michael J.Jackson


Anyone with half a brain can see that something very fishy has been going on ever since the news broke that MJ was rushed to UCLA. Teddy and Akon at least have the guts to go public with their beliefs and what's a bet half of Hollywood feels the same but are too fearful of the media to say anything - and the other half are off their face on their poison of choice. Dr Murray, propofol and drugs? Yeah right.... LOL.


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